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From Loaded to Sweet Potato Fries – 5 Funky Options in Limerick

From Loaded Fries To Sweet Potato Fries – Try These Funky Options In Limerick Today

Everyone knows that the Irish are known for their delicious potatoes and nearly every meal comes accompanied by one variety of the versatile vegetable. This has led to some seriously inventive creations over the years and it doesn't get much more imaginative than the evolution of French fries. Now, there are some fabulously funky options available, which can be enjoyed as a side or even as a main meal. With all of the American takeaway in Limerick, there are plenty of tasty choices to sink your teeth into. Here we have listed five of our favourites that you simply must try today.

1. Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet potato fries are a great and healthy alternative to normal fries and can be found on most American style menus nowadays. At El Toro BBQ, sweet potato fries are one of the most popular side options, alongside other classics like the beer battered onion rings and the potato salad with bacon. All of these things go well with the amazing ribs, burgers and wings that are on offer at this much-loved barbecue joint.

2. CBG Fries

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Loaded fries are in fashion at the moment and there is literally no limit to what can be smothered over a set of freshly cut potato slices. At kebab specialists Abrakebabra, the talented chefs have struck on some delightful options to top their fries and there is plenty to be found in the "loaded fries" section of their menu. For this list we have selected the delicious CBG Fries, which are topped with cheddar, bacon, garlic sauce, and fresh spring onion.

3. Dirty Fries

At The Buttery, some of the most popular small side plates are the Dirty Fries, which can be topped with a choice of three different toppings. These are bacon and cheese, taco and cheese, or jalapeño and cheese. If you have a group of a few people we recommend trying and sharing each of the options, as they are all incredibly tasty and indulgent.

4. Chilli and Cheese Fries

Another kebab shop that's putting some serious awesomeness into their fries selection is Istanbul Kebab on Denmark Street. Their chilli and cheese fries are one of the standout options. They're a filling meal enough when ordered alone, but we would strongly suggest trying them out alongside one of their delicious kebabs. The Chicken Shish Kebab is one of the most popular choices on the menu.  

5. Polenta Chips

It's not just American takeaways that have got creative with their fries – some Italians around the city are also getting in on the act. One of these is Milano, where diners can order the mouth-watering Polenta Chips. These are thick-cut slices of potato topped with rosemary, baked in the oven until golden and finished with lashings of Gran Milano cheese. This is a great option for putting in the middle of the table and picking away at with friends.

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