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  2. Dive Deep Into Limerick’s Best Seafood All The Way From Thailand!
Limerick’s 4 Best Seafood Dishes All The Way From Thailand!

Dive Deep Into Limerick’s Best Seafood All The Way From Thailand!

Bringing you the best of the best when it comes to delicious and exotic seafood, dive deep into Limerick's most exhilarating and enticing seafood dishes prepared with fantastic Thai recipes! Heavenly fried calamari, sweet & sour king prawn and so much more is just a taste of the best Limerick has to offer. Check out our guide to the best seafood dishes available near you!

1. Yellow Fish Curry

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Authenticity and satisfaction are the core principles behind Aroi's incredibly delicious Thai cuisine. Preparing traditional Thai street-food with an exotic twist, Aroi's kitchen is an absolute must! The Yellow Fish Curry is the first fantastic seafood dish on our list. This fresh-from-the-sea meal consists of an assortment of fish including salmon, cod and perfectly smoked haddock. For the ultimate seafood selection, this curry also features fresh calamari, meaty mussels, and juicy prawns tossed into the mix and garnished with enticing cherry tomatoes, aubergine, bamboo shoots and baby corn in a yellow curry broth. This exquisite Yellow Fish Curry is a Thai classic you won't regret!

2. Crispy Shredded King Prawn with Chilli Sauce

Notorious for their traditional dishes in Limerick, Madame Mok presents a highly delectable assortment of red curries and other fantastic Thai dishes just waiting for you to gobble them right down. Their crispy shredded king prawn with chilli sauce is out of this world! Thick, juicy and perfectly shredded king prawns are simmered in a fiery chilli sauce and seasoned with limes and garlic for an overwhelmingly enticing Thai dish. Perfect for a starter or main course, this dish is sure to climb to the top of any Thai-seafood lover's list of favourites!

3. Thai Crispy Calamari

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The third dish to keep a look out for is the Thai Crispy Calamari from Lana Asian Street Food. Thick cuts of juicy calamari are coated in peppered bread crumbs, deep fried to a golden crispy texture and served alongside a mildly sour spicy lime and chilli sauce for the perfect complimentary dip to this classic street food option. Each serving is accompanied by eggs and a fish seasoning, providing those deep-sea flavours perfect for any time of the day. This Asian-inspired snack delivers a satisfying mix of calamari, lime, and chilli combined into one incredible starter, making it a local and international favourite that will satisfy your seafood cravings and keep you ordering up more!

4. Thai Prawn Curry

Wonderful Asian street food prepared in traditional Thai woks for the ultimate infusion of flavour, Wok To Go is a fantastic restaurant for those seeking the delight of oriental dishes. The Thai Prawn Curry is a delicious red curry with a heavenly aroma to entice every rumbling tummy. Scrumptious king prawns are simmered in a red curry paste with onions, fresh ginger, tomatoes, eggs, shellfish and a rainbow of traditional spices to create this iconic Thai dish!  Served with your choice of steamed rice or crispy chips, the Thai Prawn Red Curry from Wok to Go prides itself as one of the best Thai seafood dishes in town.

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