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  2. Lean, Green and Tasty! Fill Up With Healthy Restaurants in Dublin
Healthy Restaurants in Dublin To Top Up Your 5-a-Day

Lean, Green and Tasty! Fill Up With Healthy Restaurants in Dublin

March is nutrition month! If you're in need of a culinary revamp, if you want to turn your average two-a-day into five, if you just like fresh food that tastes delicious – then good news, hungry one! Healthy restaurants in Dublin are cooking up a storm, just for you. With healthy options across the board for breakfast, lunch and dinner, staying on top of your diet has never been easier. From falafel to sushi, from same old salad turned tasty with the help of a little pulled chicken, we've got it all. So chow down and be happy. Every bite of our list below is goodness, every meal a service to your bod. Low calorie count doesn't always have to mean dull food! Let us prove it to you.    

1. Turkish Falafel - Falafel Temple Bar

Up first, a taste of the Mediterranean: the Turkish Falafel from Falafel Temple Bar. With a name like that, you just know it's gonna be good! Served with fresh rocket lettuce, onion, tomato and tabbouleh, this speciality dish is a wholesome mix of many different flavours, colours and textures, all layered on top of one another in one beautiful doughy wrap. This is finger food, turbo style. Add garlic sauce and chilli drizzle for a bit of extra kick, then eat till you can eat no more – it's healthy, after all! Guilt-free grazing. Awesome.  

2. Lekhali Aloo Dum - Kathmandu Kitchen

Got a nagging cough you just can't shake? Victim to a perennial winter cold? Eating a balanced and fresh diet is important for many reasons, not least your health, so kick things up a notch and go hot with the Lekhali Aloo Dum from Kathmandu Kitchen. A potato based Indian curry, this warming dish is just the thing to get you up and back on your feet again! Keep the cold out and away and fill your tum to the top. Brown onions, tomato, coriander and fresh spice make for great flavour and great nutrition in every spoonful. Extra suitable for vegetarians, too!  

3. Sushi Nigiri Inari Fried Tofu - Eatokyo

Tofu is all about seasoning – it's the base for any number of flavours, plates and combos and the sushi chefs down at Eatokyo know that better than anybody. Frying their slices up on a bed of rice, these vegan morsels are a low-cal, low-fuss way to eat some lunch and please your belly. Japan has one of the lowest obesity rates in the modern world, and it's not without good reason! Their food is slimming as well as delicious, so come on down and grab a plate. Every bite's a pleasure.    

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4. Pulled Chicken Chipotle - Chopped

Choose your greens and get stuck in! The Pulled Chicken Chipotle from the salad bar at Chopped is a plate up full to the brim with proper good nutrition. Spring onion, soft tomato and mixed beans add substance while the chicken itself weaves between the leaves. That means a little bit of everything every time you stick your fork in and a great flavour because of it. Recommended dressing – BBQ. Predicted outcome? Satisfaction.  

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