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The 4 Healthiest and Tastiest Burritos in Dublin

Your Guide To The Healthiest And Tastiest Burritos In Dublin

Whether you've enjoyed a great night out on the town or just love to explore the exotic flavours of international cuisine, the beloved Mexican classic burrito is guaranteed to hit the spot every time. Combining deliciously prepared meats, chicken or veg doused in exhilarating sauces with the finest fixings Mexican cuisine has to offer, these soft tortilla-wrapped morsels will excite your senses and have you ordering up more.

It's time to check out Dublin's healthiest and most popular joints where you can enjoy the taste of Mexico near you.

1. Grande Vegetable Burrito

For those who are hoping to find a vegetarian-friendly alternative to their favourite comfort food, rest assured that Burrito & Blues has you covered. The Grande Vegetable Burrito is a monstrosity of healthy ingredients consisting of layers of char grilled mixed peppers, classic pinto beans, your choice of lime or cilantro rice, their very own #4 salsa (the spiciest in town), crisp shredded lettuce and - for the final touch - a dollop of cooling sour cream making for a fiery hot burrito you can enjoy any day of the week! Here, over-the-top Mexican street food has the added benefit of creating your own fantastic burrito. For the carnivore in you, this spot serves all their wraps with fresh 100% Irish beef, so you're guaranteed a fresh experience every time.

2. Classic Burrito

For the ultimate fusion of authentic Mexican recipes with Irish quality produce, turn your sights to Tolteca's famous Cajun-inspired flavours that bring the best of both worlds straight to you. The classic burrito comes with countless toppings and fillings of your choice with their "create your own burrito" option. Choose from white or brown rice, deliciously fresh and grilled vegetables, onions, decedent guacamole. Other fillings include their own range of house salsas, including the popular fiery Chipotle sauce, roasted Poblano salsa and mild Green Chili Salsa for those who can't take the heat. Enjoy your custom made burrito made perfectly to suit your taste every time with Tolteca ready to fix you a meal you won't forget!

3. Veggie Esperanza

The Veggie Esperanza is surely a Mexican wonder from El Patron! Perfectly roasted and grilled vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli, sweet carrots, baby potatoes and aubergine are all passionately prepared to produce the ultimate healthy burrito. Packed with the finest ingredients, the Veggie Esperanza is a true gift to anyone seeking a great tasting burrito with all the benefits of fresh veggies - no wonder it means "veggie hope". This restaurant also offers other fantastic wraps like Veggito, another popular burrito stuffed with a variety of different hearty vegetables like zucchini and mixed peppers, making El Patron a must-try for burrito and veggie lovers alike!

4. Super Batata Burrito

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Despite the hilarious name, Little Ass Burrito Bar have rightfully earned themselves the Taste of Mexico award for their mind-blowing and over-the-top burritos. Serving up delicious Mexican dishes with innovative culinary touches, you can truly taste the culture of Mexico with every bite. The Super Batata burrito is an incredibly delicious wrap stuffed with grilled sweet potatoes, or Batata, and drizzled with a fresh sour cream and coriander topping. For the ultimate final garnish, enjoy your choice of crumbled feta or Jack cheese with a dousing of spicy salsas such as the mild Verde salsa or mango salsa. Every meal comes with insanely good complimentary sides, such as their fresh jalapenos and pico de gallo, making every dish a truly fantastic experience.

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