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  2. Arriba! It's time to host your very own Mexican food fiesta
Arriba! It's time to host your very own Mexican food fiesta

Arriba! It's time to host your very own Mexican food fiesta

As the nights draw in and what little summer we had becomes a distant memory we all need to inject some fun back into our lives. So what better way to celebrate than to hold your own mini fiesta and let the sun shine in for a few hours at least.

1. Decoration

The first thing to decide is how you're going to decorate your home to channel that Mexican vibe. Maybe get some mini cacti from the garden centre and dot them around the place and hang a sombrero or two around the walls. Then lay on the drinks – some bottles of Sol or Corona should do and, if you're feeling adventurous, mix up a jug of tequila sunrise.

2. Food

Next, it's time to sort out the food because you can't have a fiesta without a feast too. But you don't want to have to spend all your time in the kitchen so get it ordered in instead and concentrate on perfecting your moves to the macarena with the time and energy you'll save.

3. Nachos

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So what's going to be on the menu? Well the perfect starter's got to be that old favourite, nachos. Order them in from Zambrero and you'll find that they don't just come smothered in tangy cheese and your choice of meat, there's also salsa, guacamole and sour cream too in one very moreish bowl. But don't let the guests fill up too much because there's plenty more to come.

4. Burrito

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Next up, why not treat them to a tasty burrito. The so-called "little ass" is packed with good things like meat, beans, rice, onions and peppers  and there's obviously no better place to order yours from than Dublin's very appropriately named Little Ass Burrito Bar. This is also the place to go for delicious flat quesadillas – perfect for fellow fiesta fans who want something a little lighter than a whole burrito. The one we'd recommend is their Cinco de Fryo with lime and ancho chilli marinated chicken which is then chargrilled and mixed with sour cream, coriander and roasted sweet potato. Mmmm!

5. Burrito bowl

It could be that some of your guests need gluten-free alternatives to all these tortilla-based treats in which case can we recommend the burrito bowl? It's all the good stuff you'll get in one but, you've guessed it, served in a bowl. One of the best you'll find comes from Boojum and it also features a whole lot of combinations to create.

After all this they're likely to be full to bursting so maybe just some fruit like pineapple, mango and melon for dessert before the dancing to mariachi music and trying to smash open the piñata begins.

It's all going to add up to being the perfect way to banish those winter blues. So don't be surprised if it proves to be so popular that it also turns into an annual event.

Time to get ready for your very own Mexican fiesta? Then let Deliveroo make it happen!

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