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Poké Hype is Calling! Our Top Four Dublin Bowls

Poke! All aboard the chow hype train for one of Hawaii's most notorious appetisers. What was once a purely Asian dish is now popular all across the globe; we're talking veggie salad, raw cubed fish and damn great flavour. Think sushi, only with more leafy grains and cutlery. So, curious and hesitant eaters alike, grab a bowl, pull up a chair and get stuck in. This is foreign nosh for veterans and newbies alike, guaranteed to give your body the nutrition boost you've been missing. What tastes good, does good, and the four dishes listed below from Dublin's premier poke restaurants certainly pack a punch.

1.  Octo Poké - Klaw PoKé

Klaw PoKé: these guys are committed to serving up local ingredients, quality food and meals that leave a lasting impression on each and every customer. Ever tried octopus before? Now's your chance! Grilled up alongside soft rice noodles, nami jim, radish and macadamia nuts, you'll find plenty to get excited about in a bowl of Octo Poké. Prepare yourself for seafood gone wild - wild with flavour, that is. Salted pineapple chunks provide a great sweet contrast to any leftover ocean tang with every bite of this bowl, while samphire and wild greens add a touch of colour and delicate herb. Balanced, fruity and texture focused. Very yum.    

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2. Mauna Kea - Klaw PoKé

Round two! Klaw PoKé isn't done just yet. If a bowl of their signature Octo wasn't enough to entice you, how about a little Mauna Kea? With a base of hearty quinoa and a fillet of diced Irish salmon as centrepiece, this is one nutritious plate of nosh to get stuck into. Soft avocado nestles up alongside Korean kimchi, fried onions soak in Sriracha alioli, and - back at it again for contrast - even more salted pineapple. So get your fork out, get your appetite rolling, and enjoy your local ingredients prepped with love, the Hawaiian way.

3.  Middle Eastern Chicken - Cocu Kitchen

Not a fan of seafood? No problem-o! The culinary innovators down at Cocu Kitchen have got your taste buds covered. Middle Eastern Chicken is a heartier dish than some others on this list; it's wholesome, grilled goodness with your satisfaction in mind. Roasted red pepper brings in savoury undertones, avocado and feta add a creamy kick and a Sumac relish drizzles down from above. Seasoned to perfection, high in protein, and gluten free. Whilst not Poké in the strictest sense, this is still a great variation on the theme.

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4. The Cocu Poké Bowl - Cocu Kitchen

Number four and last but not least, the Cocu Poke bowl. One of the most popular items on this restaurant's menu, it's yet another healthy way to input calories and output happiness. Cocu Kitchen puts a big emphasis on the customisation of all their dishes, and the Poke Bowl is no exception. Tweak this, add that - whatever tickles your fancy - it can be done. Fill up on veggies, chow down on fish and treat your body the right way. That's what Poké's all about, after all.

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