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Go Nuts For The Best Asian Noodles In Town    

Go Nuts For Noodles! The Best Asian Noodles in Town

Rice, wheat, udon or soba, noodles are a staple of Asian cuisine everywhere.  They're in stir fry, they're in ramen, they're in soups and they're served beside – because, put simply, they taste great! Whether they're bathed in seasoning or peppered with only the lightest of flavour, nothing tops a bowl or two when you're in need. So: if you're in the mood for some stringy goodness, if you want texture in your meal, then go ahead and order up one of our four dishes below and do your tum a favour. From pad thai to beef pho, from sweet to savoury, here at Deliveroo your wish is our command. Ready? Let's get started.

1. Sweet and Savoury Phad Thai Noodles - Red Torch Ginger

Originally from Thailand, this bestselling dish of Sweet and Savoury Phad Thai Noodles has been adopted, adapted and honed over time to become one of the tastiest noodles combos around. Rice noodles swim with absorbent flavour while bright veg such as carrot and bean sprout adds a wonderfully nutritious crunch. Drizzle on tamarind sauce, a little peanut taste and you've got yourself a proper winner. The guys and gals down at Red Torch Ginger know exactly how to put this ever-popular beauty together – and it never fails to disappoint.  

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2. Chicken Ramen - Mosa

Grab your spoon, get your ladle – this is one broth you don't want to leave behind! Bathed in salty Japanese soup, the Chicken Ramen from the oriental chefs at Mosa is one heartwarmingly toasty dish. It's wholesome, balanced food that lays seasoned breast beside finely diced veg. Udon noodles thicker than your average are set as base, and that means plump and full enjoyment in every chopstick slurping bite of chow. Drain the bowl, grab some nori, scoop, fork and jab. Delicious!  

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3. Spicy Noodle Tom Yum - Thai Orchid

Turn the heat up! If you like your nosh with a little extra kick, the Spicy Noodle Tom Yum from Thai Orchid might just be the dish for you. With Chinese cabbage, ground peanut, spring onion, celery and coriander, each stringy noodle in this bad boy comes packed with taste bud tingly good flavour. The spice accents the pre-existing ingredients and highlights each and every one in your mouth as you chew on down, making sure all hints, textures and subtleties and tasted to the max.    

4. Pho Bo Beef Noodle Soup - Saba

It's flat rice noodles this time around, served alongside finely prepared beef fillet in a deep and tasty Vietnamese broth. Sprinkle in some crispy garlic and delicate greens, a little bean sprout, a little onion, then eat and eat to your heart's content! The chefs from Saba are masters of the Asian style and perfection is their goal. This is noodle soup with real depth, one for winter, one for shaking a cold, one for when you're absolutely starving and just can't wait to fill up the tank.

Why bother with washing up? Go Asian, go tasty – order Ireland's best noodle dishes direct to your door with Deliveroo.

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