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  2. Better than Offbeat? Please Your Tum with Four Top Dog Donuts  
No More Offbeat Donuts! Get Original and Let the Feast Commence  

Better than Offbeat? Please Your Tum with Four Top Dog Donuts  

Holy Donuts! Soft, light and made with love, we've rounded up four of our favourite bites for you to enjoy. Forget chain brand generic – these are works of art that melt in your mouth and do wonders for your tongue. If you've got a craving you just can't resist, if your sweet tooth has been nagging for days, look no further than our list below. From salted maple bacon to the citrus tang of a Jaffa Cake cream, these are all the baked goods you'll ever need in Dublin. As snacks, as lunch, as a midnight feast – they're the best in town.  

1. King Boston Cream Doughnuts from Krüst Bakery

Up first is the King Boston Cream – a round, solid dough donut topped with chocolate frosting and pumped through with a custard fill. As creamy as they get, this handful of goodness is going to need a napkin or two before you get completely through with it! The image of baking perfection, its makers at the Krüst Bakery know presentation is almost as important as taste itself.

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2. Maple and Bacon Doughnut at Revolution Bakery

The ultimate North American combo: maple syrup, fried bacon bits and the sweet taste of a perfect donut. Charge your blood sugar levels to the max with this rich treat from the Revolution Bakery kitchen – with syrup on top and syrup within, it'll cake your taste buds and have you licking your lips for days. Salty and sweet, light and crunchy, it's an inventive recipe that just works. Curious? Come on down and try it for yourself! There's really nothing else like it. Go on – you know you want to!  

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3. Jaffa Cakes Donut by Donuters

Long gone is the soggy supermarket raspberry jam donut – say hello to orange citrus burst! The Jaffa Cakes Donut from the baking masterminds at Donuters stands set and ready to wow your mouth and blow your socks off. With a filling of orange jam and jelly, two sugared bites on top and a well-rounded donut in between there's no way you don't enjoy this dish. It's punchy, it's sharp, it's mellow. The contrast of soft dough, zingy fruit and a sweet aftertaste is a hard one to beat, that's for sure.  

4. The Mr. Donut Selection Box at Mr. Donut

Want more than one? Want three? Want six? No problem, donut hunter! The Mr. Donut Selection Box from Mr. Donut is just the thing for your next feast. Choose freely and choose well – with a large selection of types and flavours to choose from, whatever your tipple, they've got it on standby. The Mocha comes full of coffee tones, the Cheesecake is striped and patterned and the Apple struts its stuff with a cinnamon icing drizzle. Still not enough? How about steadfast Strawberry, Cherry with chocolate spots or a Hazelnut cocoa mix? Donut utopia is just a click away.

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