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  2. Pair it up! Dublin’s Best Italian Cuisine for your Dinner Party
Pair It Up! Dublin’s Best Italian Cuisine for Your Dinner Party

Pair it up! Dublin’s Best Italian Cuisine for your Dinner Party

Looking to zing up your dinner plans with a little class and authenticity? Build your own full course meal featuring main dishes crafted with rich sauces, fresh handmade pasta, and the finest Italian cheeses paired beautifully with the best wines Italy has to offer. As they say, when in Rome, do as the Romans do, so finish off your Italian experience with the gooiest gelato to really hit the spot. Whether you like to eat gluten-free or you're a fan of anything Italian, we've helped select some of Dublin's finest restaurants, pairings, and chef recommendations to bring the best of the Boot straight to your next dinner party!

1. Seafood Linguine, Carluccio's

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When it comes to themed dinner parties, Italian food is one of the most favoured selections, offering a rich variety of dishes to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters.  At Carluccio's, you'll find all this and more for true authenticity at a great price! Do yourself a favour and try their Seafood Linguine, a delicate toss of classic flavours infused into a fresh tomato sauce, highlighting a glorious selection of prawns, muscles, crab, clams topped with chili, basal, and bottarga. As with any seafood meal, a pairing of white wine such as the Verdicchio Villa Bianchi Umani Ronchi Marche, a wholesome classic. This is guaranteed to be a hit at your dinner party!

2. Spanish Harlem Pizza from Independent Pizza Company

An Italian classic that's earned a world-renowned name for itself is none other than some cheesy, delectable pizza. At the Independent Pizza Company, you'll find an array of flavours and toppings from around the world, cooked to perfection in a wood stone oven. For a little twist on the all-time Italian classic, the Spanish Harlem Pizza is sure to keep your guests reaching for another slice! This fan favourite is topped with cooked pepperoni, fresh coriander, and the finest sun-dried tomatoes all buried beneath a layer of goat's cheese and mozzarella. Keep the zesty Latin theme going and fill your glasses with their ruby red Cono Sur Sibarita Pinot Noir, a Chilean gem!

3. Bruschetta from Italian Connection

No full course dish is complete without a tantalising antipasto to kick-start your appetite and excite your pallet for what's to come. Turn to the Italian Connection and impress those guests with a timeless classic like Bruschetta. Prepared with sharing in mind, these tasty morsels bursting with flavour and crunch in every bite will start off your Italian dinner party with an authenticity that will have your guests nodding with approval!

4. Cavern Wine Bar, Baggot Street Wines

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Speaking of wine, ordering the right kind to pair with your meal is an essential component of the overall experience. The acidity in the meal versus that of the wine can make all the difference, and figuring out how to balance those extremes can channel your taste buds right to the vineyards! That's where Cavern Wine Bar and its associated off-licence, Baggot Street Wines, comes into action. This bar and wine shop combo offers a long list of reds, whites, and rose to choose from, delivered straight to your door in the nick of time!

5. Gelato from Scoop

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No meal is quite complete without a final indulgence into something sweet. If it's Italian you want, then there's simply no better choice than a generous helping of gelato served best by Scoop. You'll find flavours such as the Amarena, consisting of a blend of Channel Island milk and Sicilian black cherries, or a true Italian classic, the Tiramisu complete with mascarpone, acacia honey, Sicilian Marsala wine, coffee and ladyfingers. You can never go wrong when it comes to Scoop's desserts, the perfect ending to a perfect Italian dinner party!

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