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  2. Party on in Cork with Thailand’s most exciting starters!
Party On in Cork with Thailand’s Most Exciting Starters

Party on in Cork with Thailand’s most exciting starters!

No party is complete without an exciting spread of finger foods, starters and nibbles that keep your guests happily munching away as they enjoy your good company. With that said, we've put together our choice of Thailand's most delightful starters, suitable for any party! You can never go wrong with the incredible variety of sides Thai cuisine has to offer.

Keep the party going and enjoy the best Thailand has to offer right here in the heart of Cork!

1. Chicken Satay Skewers - Golden Elephant Thai

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When it comes to a great party spread, the ultimate combination is tantalising flavours loaded up into quick, easy to grab bites. If your guests can snack on the go without the hassle of cutlery, you'll have a well-fuelled party that just keeps going, and skewers of meat are the just about perfect for that. Luckily, Golden Elephant Thai serve the ultimate satay skewers right here in Cork, making it on the top of our list as an absolute must-have for any finger food spread. Combining tender strips of chicken breasts marinated in a sweet yet zesty satay marinade and grilled to perfection, you're guaranteed a burst of tangy flavours beneath a charred crisp skin. Don't forget the key ingredient to this wonderful combination of tastes, the infamous Thai crunchy peanut dipping sauce that will leave your guests chomping down right to the skewers!

2. Vietnamese Vegetable Roll - Flame Asian

Another authentic Thai addition to complete your party platter masterpiece takes a twist on the average spring roll by ramping up the health, crunch, and flavour and ditching the flaky soggy mess! Offering this healthier approach in all its glory is Flame Asian. Their Vietnamese vegetable rolls will change your perspective on healthy finger food - they're sure to become an all-time favourite. Composed of crunchy cabbage, glass noodles, shreds of carrot, coriander, and fresh mint all rolled up into a cool refreshing clear rice paper wrap. Served alongside a sweet and savoury chilli sauce, the combination of textures will have your guests in awe. We doubt anyone would say so no to a tray full of Vietnamese vegetable rolls!

3. Chicken Wings - Ramen​

No party is complete without a heaping pile of steaming hot chicken wings, ready to be picked up and devoured (no forks necessary!). The exciting marinades, spices and dips from South-East Asia make this particular snack a shock to the senses every time. If you're looking to have your own Thai-themed party spread then turn your attention to Ramen, which brings the essence of Thai cuisine and street food culture straight to the heart of Cork. Here, the chicken wings are an absolute must-try, serving delightfully crisp wings mixed with sweet pineapples, fresh onions, carrots and garlic for an unforgettable addition to any meal. Get ready to roll up your sleeves and get messy, it's bound to be the star of your party spread!

4. Fried Duck Gyoza Dumplings - Koto​

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Last but certainly not least, another fantastic and fun quick bite is the Thai dumpling. Some of the most authentic dumplings around town are proudly served at Koto, including the house favourite: Fried Duck Gyoza Dumplings. These pot stickers, as they're often called, are hand stuffed parcels packed with stir-fried vegetables and crispy and fried to a golden crisp guaranteed to win the hearts of your guests with the first bite. Paired beautifully with a side of savoury Panda Sauce, these hand-held snacks will be gobbled up before you can say "duck dumplings"! Duck Gyoza make for an excellent addition to your selection of finger foods fit for any occasion.

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