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Nutrition blast! Your guide to the perfect acai bowl breakfast

Your morning guide to the perfect, peppy acai bowl

Acai: a modern superfood. This little red berry from South America is a rainforest miracle, packed full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants galore – and at only seventy calories per cup! With acai on the menu, a healthy breakfast has never been so easy to come by; get your fibre, get your good fats and fill that tum with sweet berry taste every easy morning.

There's something special about an acai bowl straight out of bed, but what is it exactly that makes this fruit and its peppy combos so great? Fear not - we're here to solve the tasty mystery! Here's your guide to serving up the perfect red berry bowl.

1. A Little Sweetness

Acai is somewhere on the scale of more common berries in terms of flavour. Rich as a raspberry and deep as a blackberry, it's real pleasure comes in the aftertaste, something akin to a piece of dark chocolate. How about that for a breakfast food, eh? Down at Vandal, they make the most of all this: they add raw cacao nibs to compound on that chocolatey goodness, while the slight bitterness of the bean plays off against the sugary fruit. Honey, peanut butter and granola make up the majority of the bowl mix; a protein texture crunch with even more subtle hints of the sweet. Vandal get it, with their Nutty and Raw Cacao Acai Bowl. As healthy as acai can be, it tastes best with a little sugar!

2. A Fruity Touch!

Speaking of sweet, why not combo fruit with fruit? Eathos Breakfast go all in on nutrition when it comes to acai, throwing it into an Acai Smoothie Bowl alongside toasted quinoa, coconut chunks and sliced passion fruit. That means more health, more flavour and more variety in texture in every bowl. Awesome! One spoonful of an acai berry and fruit mix blast and you'll be way ahead of schedule when it comes to five a day.

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3. A Whole Nut Infusion

Pop quiz: what goes best with a chocolate aftertaste? Aside from more chocolate, of course! At Joes and Bros, their all-day breakfast Acai Bowl comes creamy, crunchy and smooth thanks to a healthy dollop of peanut butter spread. Combo that with in-house nutty granola and the earthy flavour of the acai seed and you've got yourself some winning nutrition, right there. There's a reason so many chocolate bars are loaded with nuts, and acai follows the same delicious logic. Go hazle, go peanut, go cashew, go crazy! Whether you're making your own or ordering in, a handful in the bowl never went amiss.

4. A Wholesome Granola Crunch

Here at Deliveroo, we're firm believers in the fact that texture is just as important as taste when it comes to breakfast. A crunchy bowl is the perfect way to wake up the tongue, and what's crunchier in the morning than wholesome, fresh granola? It's just as healthy as acai and just as full of punch. Down at Pog, they keep their Granola Bowl simple: coconut, granola and mixed fruit. And you know what? It looks and tastes fantastic!

So how about it? Pick and choose your favourite, order in the acai and get set for your very own perfect breakfast bowl.

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So sweet, so good, so acai - buff up your breakfast routine with a healthy morning bowl from Deliveroo.

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