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The perfect all-American picnicking menu  

The perfect American inspired picnic picks

With the warmer weather finally on its way, there's one thing in particular that we're really looking forward to doing again: packing up a basket of finger food and going for a picnic.

Yes, the temperatures are guaranteed to be changeable (after all, it's Ireland), but our appetites are a bit more reliable, so we figured that now is the perfect time to start planning, and where better to turn in search of inspiration than America?

The king of finger foods, our overseas allies are ideally versed in teaching us exactly what to include.

1. Chicken wings

Finger-licking good, chicken wings are a natural choice for picnic food, especially if you follow in the footsteps of our American cousins and order them Buffalo style. If this sounds good to you, then let us point you in the perfect direction by sending you to the fantastic Girl and the Goose. Serving up Buffalo Chicken Wings with Celery, Mango, and Yoghurt Dip, they offer the ideal dish to start your al fresco dining experience with.

2. Burger sliders

If there's one dish that we definitively associate with America, it's a big, juicy burger, but did you know that there's also a picnic-friendly version available, colloquially known as the 'slider'. A much more petite alternative to the original, it's the perfect option to add to your basket, and can easily be ordered from The Counter. Their scrumptious beef burger Minis come in sets of four so that there's enough for everyone to enjoy.   

3. Pizza

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Technically pizza is an Italian dish, but it's so synonymous with American culture that it also deserves a place on our list of the perfect picnic picks from the good old US of A. Ideally suited to slicing, splitting, and packing, it tastes just as delicious cold as it does straight from the oven, which is why we recommend ordering the truly tasty Feast from Papa John's. Just the right size for sharing, it includes three toppings of your choice, and also comes with a large bottle of pop and four cookies to help flesh out your basket without breaking the bank.   

4. Tacos

Let's be honest, there's literally no one in existence who doesn't like tacos, and we have our friends across the ocean to thank for bringing them to our attention. An inspired dish to include in your picnic, we recommend ordering them from the terrific Taco Time, a contemporary Mexican restaurant that offers some unique twists to its traditional cuisine choices. For the best of the best, pick their Shredded Beef Tacos and prepare to be impressed.   

5. Mozzarella sticks

If there's one thing the Americans do well, it's scrumptious sides, from their sweet potato fries to this particular menu staple: Mozzarella Sticks. Filled to overflowing with cheesy goodness, this super yummy finger food tastes best when prepared with a Middle Eastern twist, so be sure to order from Jerusalem. Served breaded with salad and sauce, they'll be certain to impress every person you invite.

Why not take advantage of these sunny spring days and start ordering? Pack away your goodies, don't forget a picnic blanket, and you're sure to have a picture-perfect al fresco eating experience.

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