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Perfect Meals for a Romantic Night In

Let there be love: 5 perfect meals for a romantic night in

When it comes to a bit of romance, there's nothing quite like staying in and sharing a special meal for two. As nice as it is to go out to eat together, it's more relaxed and cosier to enjoy your favourite food in the comfort of your own lounge – or dining room. So we've rounded up a few great meals you can share with your favourite person in the world.

1. Kyoto Platter, Kyoto Sushi & Noodle

Fresh seafood abounds when you've got a country surrounded by sea, full of estuaries, rivers and inlets. And Kyoto Sushi & Noodle speak the language of love with their platters. Get mixed plates to share, or pick your own favourite maki and nigiri for a mix-and-match sharing experience.

Where: Kyoto Sushi & Noodle, Limerick

2. Mezze plate, TGO Falafel Bar

Falafel took the top-spot as Ireland's favourite takeaway dish, so why not share it with someone special? Mezze plates are all about sharing – full of falafel, halloumi and hummus to get your teeth into alongside Lebanese salads, pita breads, and sauces to dip.

Where: TGO Falafel Bar, Galway

3. Spaghetti and meatballs, Il Posto

Stringy, messy spaghetti might not be top of the list of clean eating food. But it's so full of allure that we can't resist it, especially the fresh stuff from Il Posto. Re-enact Lady and the Tramp with your date and slurp up the same stuff – you know it's silly, but that doesn't stop it being sweet.

Where: Il Posto, Dublin

4. Crepes, Le Petit Breton

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Think French food is pretentious? Think again. Le Petit Breton's down-to-earth fare is full of rustic charm, and perfect if you want something filling without being heavy. It's great if you're angling for dessert too – if you're eating crepes for dinner anyway, why not get them filled with caramelised apple or crumbled meringue?

Where: Le Petit Breton, Dublin

5. Create your own pizza, Pompeii Pizza

If you're after something less high-falutin', what could be better than pizza? But don't be fooled into thinking this is settling for something simple – Pompeii's pizzas are all cooked in wood-fired oven for an authentic Italian crisp. Get a cheesy Quattro Formaggi each or design your own pizzas, and let your appetite – and romantic evening – run wild.

Where: Pompeii Pizza, Cork

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Reference: Lady and the Tramp – Disney

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