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Vegetarian Restaurants In Dublin

6 places in Dublin to get your vegetarian on

You know a vegetarian restaurant is good when even meat-eaters want to eat there. The restaurants we've rounded up not only meet the increasing demand for meat-free meals, they contribute to its growing popularity. Swap out your steak for a falafel today to find out what all the fuss is about.

1. Falafel, Umi Falafel

Combine a mother's care with a vegetarian's cooking, and you get Umi Falafel. In fact, the word Umi is Arabic for mother, which gives you a bit of an idea just how much love goes into each handmade falafel goodie here.

The falafel here has the most authentic Middle-Eastern flavours you'll find in Ireland, with 15 magic ingredients. Fresh chickpeas that have been soaked for a day, a fragrant combination of onion, garlic, parsley and coriander, and that special Umi mix of spices from cumin, crushed chillies, cloves, cinnamon and more. Only cooked when you order, these falafel are fluffy and soft on the inside, and crispy on the outside.

Where: Umi Falafel, Dublin 2

2. Maia Superfood Salad,  Maia

Maia has two mantras: Food is love; It's all about the food. You'll be chanting too after you taste their creations.

If you need to hit restart and treat your body like a temple, the Maia Superfood Salad, with couscous, sweet potato, sunflower seeds, roasted courgette, red quinoa, pumpkin, fragrant turmeric and cumin, all tossed with a crunchy mixed salad will quickly restore your balance.

Where: Maia, Ballsbridge

3. Organic Porridge, The Lo-Cal Kitchen

Founded by a local husband-and-wife team, The Lo-Cal Kitchen is the product of a passion for wholesome foods. Stephen and Jenny Connolly bring their knowledge of nutrition, obsession for coffee and steadfast belief that 'health food should be damn tasty and accessible to all' to this cafe.

We cannot get over these breakfasts that taste as brilliant as their vibrant good looks promise. The Organic Porridge, made with their low fat organic milk and sprinkled with seasonal extras like berries, seeds, nuts and honey, will keep you going 'til dinner time and beyond.

Where: The Lo-Cal Kitchen, Dublin 2

4. Aloo Chap, Diwali

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This restaurant, serving up the best of Indian and Nepalese cuisine, is a shining festival of light for Dublin vegetarians. Bringing dishes from the Himalayan region of Nepal and Indian fine dining to the city, they serves fresh and exotic flavours using products only from Ireland.

Their vegetarian dishes are dotted liberally throughout their entire menu and call upon traditional spices and flavours, creamy yogurts and fragrant herbs. Try the Kerau Paneer,  cottage cheese and green peas cooked with creamy tomato sauce and fresh herbs. But for those times when we need potatoes and Indian food at the same time, we love grabbing some Aloo Chap – spiced mashed potatoes that have been battered and deep fried.

Where: Diwali, Dublin 2

5. Moussaka, Keshk

Taking Mediterranean cuisine and blending it with Egyptian, Greek and Turkish inspiration, Keshk offers a melting pot of flavours with vegetarian favourites. Their vegetarian Moussaka has oven-baked layers of hearty potatoes and aubergines, with sweet tomato and garlic, all topped with creamy bechamel sauce. Start things off their classic falafel, deep fried bundles of fresh chickpeas, tahini, garlic mixed with secret spices.

Where: Keshk, Ballsbridge

6. Vegan Baked Falafel & Hummus Bowl, Staple Foods

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When is a food a staple? For this Dublin haunt, the answer is when it's balanced, unprocessed and fundamentally good for you. Which means every meal here is a staple.

Their menu takes its cues from clean eating and vegan diets, offering diners creative concoctions involving lean and meat-free protein, fresh fruit and vegetables, and healthy fats from nuts, seeds and avocado. The Vegan Baked Falafel & Hummus Bowl is one of their most popular, with dairy-free and crunchy root vegetable slaw, sweet roasted peppers, smoked paprika and earthy dukkah.

Where: Staple Foods, various locations

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