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5 post-festival recovery foods you can count on

5 post-festival recovery foods you can count on

We've all been there. The dreaded recovery after an epic festival weekend of partying and not sleeping can seem daunting and horrific in equal measure as you're 100% positive you'll never quite feel right again. Luckily what you eat and drink will play an important part in how quickly you'll be back to firing on all cylinders. Here's 5 key foods you can count on to make you feel immediately better, all available from Deliveroo restaurants.



You need both Vitamin B-enriched foods to brighten dull skin and omega acids to boost flagging serotonin levels and fish is perfect for this. Eating sushi will be your ticket back to feeling slightly like yourself again.



You need natural foods after a weekend spent consuming greasy snacks so best and nuts are ideal after a junk food overload. Walnuts and almonds especially help support liver cleansing actions.



To counteract all the refined sugars you've probably been putting in your body over the weekend, snack on fruit to add your fatigue and recuperation. Grapefruits, melons, blueberries and strawberries are all fantastic and will cheer your post-festival blues no end.

Lean Protein


Re-hydrating your body is essential so make sure to drink lots of water but when it comes to eating big go for some lean protein such as eggs, fish, chicken or seafood which will aid in getting your anti-oxident levels back up again.

Leafy Greens


The toll over your unforgettable weekend will leave your body sluggish and tired so you'll need to hit those super-charged foods hard and leafy greens are the best way to do this. Go for spinach and kale.

Start the recovery right with fresh food and healthy choices on Deliveroo.

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