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Finding that Real Italian Flavour in Dublin

Finding that Real Italian Flavour in Dublin

Who doesn't love a classic Italian meal for a lazy lunch or, in true Italian style, a big family meal to celebrate any occasion? The fresh ingredients bursting with flavour help you drift off to the Italian shores where pasta, risotto, pizza, and salad fill every menu and fragrance the air.

Traditional Italian cooking is full of fresh herbs and delicious spices, making any dish burst on your palate, with dressings such as balsamic vinegar, olive oils, and pesto.

The Italian love for bread has created such a range of beautifully tasting bread like focaccia, bruschetta, ciabatta, bread laced with olives, and sundried tomatoes. Italy also produces some fabulous cheeses that make any dish memorable. With creamy ricotta and mozzarella, aromatic Formaggio di Fossa, and strong and crumbly gorgonzola.

An Italian kitchen is never without spicy and succulent meats such as salami, prosciutto, parma ham, and Italian sausages And, let us not forget fresh pasta in a multitude of forms; tomatoes, garlic, wild mushrooms, rich truffles, and seafood.

But, wait; there's dessert too. Creamy panna cotta paired with fruits, bitter sweet tiramisu, and classic crunchy biscotti. And then there's Italian ice cream good enough on its own or paired with a delicious dessert.

Our love for Italian food is endless and so we thought we would share with you three of Dublin's Italian gems.

Dall' Italia Pasta Bar

At Dall' Italia, they prepare their meals with love using fresh ingredients and authentic Italian recipes, which give their dishes that homemade Italian countryside feel. Passionate about their pasta, Dall' Italia give you a choice of pasta including spiralling trottole, maccheroni, whole wheat fusilli, and three varieties of tagliatelle; classic, red and verde.

With so much choice, what would you choose? A classic favourite homemade lasagne with a deliciously rich sauce or creamy carbonara made with free range egg and bacon? And then for dessert, a smooth and rich tiramisu or a crispy Cannoli Sililiani?


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Situated in a secluded city centre location, this Italian restaurant is a real treat. With the Italian flavours and tastes at its heart, they bring you authentic tasting food using traditional recipes with a Unicorn twist. Their chefs make all the food fresh in their kitchen using only natural ingredients and fresh seasonal produce.

Dishes include Gnocchi Tricolori, which blends three types of gnocchi creating a delicious and colourful plate. Risotto Ai Calamari, a rice dish, is beautifully seasoned and served with baby squid, chorizo, courgette, and broad beans. Agnello, a slowly braised rump of lamb served with cabbage, fennel salami, potato gratin, and beetroot jus.

Tiger Wood Fired Pizza

Voted one of Dublin's best pizza restaurants; at Tiger Wood Fired Pizza, they take their sourdough seriously and are dedicated to producing quality and tasty pizzas, which has resulted in them being dubbed the home of sourdough. The key to their pizzas is that the bases are made fresh with the best Italian flour, a simple but tasty sauce and high-quality mozzarella.

Their pizza menu includes Diavola with spicy salami and chilli flakes, Patate e Pancetta with potato, pancetta and sage, and Quattro Carne with pancetta, pepperoni, salami and parma ham.

Italian lovers; head over to Deliveroo for a taste of Dublin's authentic Italian flavours.

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