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Holy roast! Wholesome chicken and great side pairings

From Tacos to Wings, Get the Best Roast Chicken in Town

Here at Deliveroo, we know a thing or two about top quality nosh – and chicken, whether it be roast, diced, skewered or fried, is certainly no exception. It's a classic dish, the world's most popular meat without a doubt and it comes in an infinite number of equally delicious variations that can leave your stomach happy and your mouth simply watering for more. So get your seasoning on! It's time for a culinary journey from breasts to wings and back again, with entries both foreign and familiar. We've rounded up four of our favourite takes on the bird so that you don't have to, with gravy and awesome pairings to boot. Ireland's most spirited chicken kitchens are but a click or two away.  

1. 1/2 Roast Chicken - O'Sullivans Bar

Globally inspired, professionally made. O'Sullivan Bar's ethos is top pub food that puts your comfort first. If you like your chicken full and wholesome, if you like it drizzled in creamy mushroom sauce, look no further. Their 1/2 Roast Chicken is the first entry on our baked and sizzled chow tour and it's guaranteed to fill that tum to the max. Served on a bed of roast veg, it's a balanced and nutritious meal with carrots and parsnips as far as the eye can see – an old classic, with mashed potatoes available as a side, should you so wish. Scrumptious, hearty, with a rich sauce touch. Yum.          

2. The Roast Chicken Superfood Salad - Staple Foods

Another chicken recipe, another set of unique and zingy flavours. The Roast Chicken Superfood Salad from Staple Foods combines oven roast cherry tomatoes with popping citrus carrots to form a filling yet healthy bowl. Mixed greens and kale provide a solid texture base for the meal, while fresh green asparagus brings up crunch from below. A peppering of toasted almonds on top, an orange and lime dressing – and, of course, roast chicken pieces as the star of the show. This is delicate food dancing with flavour – great for those in need of protein without the added calories.  

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3. Rotisserie Chicken - Camden Rotisserie

Wonderfully tender, made with love, slow roasted to perfection: a slice of Rotisserie Chicken from the Camden Rotisserie in Dublin is as good as it gets when it comes to a well-cooked bird. These guys are masters of the roasting craft, with a dozen iterations of white meat on their menu, from old favourites like BBQ wings to salads and fillet burgers with cheese. Sometimes though, it's best to keep things simple. That's where the basic 1/2 or full chicken comes in. With gravy and sauces available alongside, it tastes fantastic.

4. Roast Chicken Tacos - Farmer Browns

Take that slice then shred it down! Roast Chicken Tacos from Farmer Browns are a Mexican cuisine fusion showcase right up there with the best of them. Soft corn tacos set the stage: avocado mash and slaw atop the meat itself, with salsa verde and ranch for that extra kick of colour and flavour. Light, bright and deliciously fun.

It's chow time! Get your dinner on and order the best chicken in town direct to your door with Deliveroo.

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