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For Some Of The World’s Most Romantic Pizza Dublin’s The Place To Go

If The Food Of Love Is Pizza, Dublin's The Place To Find It

If you're hoping to get your loved one to melt into your arms on Valentine's Night then there are plenty of pizza restaurants in Dublin who will be more than happy to play cupid for you. After all, isn't Italy one of the most romantic countries in the world? That's why so many pizzas are perfect, and perfectly named, for an evening of love. What could be more romantic than gazing across the table into each others' eyes as you share a garlic bread, a glass or two of prosecco and some of the very best pizza Dublin can bring you? So take a look at the suggestions that we've made for you and we're sure that they will satisfy your heart's desire.

1. Carne d'Amore - Italian Connection

Ah, Carne d'Amore, a rare treat if you and your beloved are lovers of the meat pizza. What could be more appealing than these words from the Italian Connection, meaning "Meat of Love"? And believe us, it doesn't just live up to its meaty name – it tastes fantastic too. It's loaded with ham, spicy beef, salami and chicken along with a rich tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella to create the sort of pizza that could challenge even the biggest of carnivores to finish it.

2. Pizza Cozze e Amore - Pacino's

Here's another pizza that's made "con amore" by Pacino's and it's also one of the most unusual choice you'll have this Valentine's Night. After all, how many pizzas do you come across that feature mussels as a topping? Here they're partnered with grilled aubergine and basil to wonderful effect. You and your date will be diving into a sea of love when you devour this beauty together.

3. Hot Pepper Passion - Papa John's

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Get ready for things to take a hot and steamy turn when you order the Hot Pepper Passion. That's because when Papa John's go for it they certainly don't do things by half measures. Two kinds of peppers, two kinds of chillies, sweetcorn, tomato sauce and cheese ensure a fiery feast every time.

4. Frutti Di Mare - Pinocchio

Perhaps you're a fan of having a wide range of seafood on your pizza? Pinocchio push the boat out on seafood – a romantic classic – by including prawns, calamari and a selection of other seafood to make this a pizza that's one of its most popular, not just on Valentine's but all year round.

5. Chorizo and Pepper Pizza - Independent Pizza Company

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Let's end on another spicy pizza that's certain to satisfy. It's made by the Independent Pizza Company and baked in their classic woodstone oven imported from America to give the thinnest, crispiest base. On top there's spicy chorizo, mild and tangy peppadews as well as mozzarella and feta cheeses bringing Spain, Italy and even Greece into the mix for a pizza made with real Mediterranean passion.

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