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  2. China At The Ready! Host Your Own Shelbourne Afternoon Tea
Go Classy! Make Your Own Shelbourne Afternoon Tea

China At The Ready! Host Your Own Shelbourne Afternoon Tea

Embrace tradition: Shelbourne afternoon tea is an ever popular Dublin treat, but a civilised meal with the boys and gals need not be so much hassle. If you're in the market for a bit of posh nosh, if a classy brunch sounds like just the thing for your next slow Sunday morn', simply stop and scan our list. You'll find no breakfast margaritas here, oh no! Instead, we've got everything from lemon tarts to dainty filling sandwiches, all served on silver platters with hot drink besides. Teapots, teacups and sugar cubes galore. Here at Deliveroo you can have your cake and eat it, too. Very yum.  

1. Mixed Sandwich Platter - The Cake Café

Nothing says classy like a cucumber sarnie and cup of earl grey on a saucer. Afternoon tea wouldn't be complete without a selection of sandwiches on offer and the Mixed Platter from The Cake Café is exactly that. From simple ham and tuna pieces to egg and cress concoctions, it's all you could ever need or  hope for. Light, fluffy, white and brown, these are sandwiches designed to be shared and nibbled on, with each platter capable of feeding up to five hungry lunchers overall. Get the folks in, get the friends. There's plenty for everybody and a variety to choose from while you catch up on all the latest gossip.  

2. Lemon Tart - Fallon and Byrne

Purse those lips! We're getting citrusy. The Lemon Tart at Fallon and Byrne is the perfect mix of sweet and sour, a real palate smacker to wake up the tongue. Not too rich, not too sharp, it's a great accompaniment to the sandwiches above and more than perfect with a cuppa' besides. Gently scoop and eat with a spoon or cut in half and share with a mate – dignity is optional when chowing down on this one but satisfaction is guaranteed. Scones just seem so boring in comparison, don't they?  

3. Baklawa - Café Oasis

A taste of the East: baklawa mouthfuls are a great way to add a little variety to your afternoon tea table. Cooked through in syrup and honey, these sweet bites are melt in your mouth filo pastries that don't hold back. Crumbly, crunchy and full of deep flavour, the baking hands at Café Oasis are masters of the craft, bedecking their creations with a nutty pistachio taste. Try one, try two, take a third while no one's looking. Your taste buds certainly won't regret it.    

4. Signature Cookie Box - The Dublin Cookie Co.

Cookies? Cookies! A classy get together is made all the better with a chocolate chip selection on the side. Dip, dunk or eat plain dry, feel free to chow down whatever your style. It doesn't really matter. What matters is that plain old digestives are out and The Dublin Cookie Co. Signature Box is in! Truly scrumptious, each parcel contains fifteen cookies with a free choice of up to five personal flavours. Ah, luxury. Afternoon tea is hard to beat when you add treats like these to the mix.  

In need of tea for two? Sandwich platters got your stomach rumbling? Order plate ups direct to your door with Deliveroo. 

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