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The Ultimate Tasty Sport Night Bites in Dublin

The ultimate guide to tasty sport night bites in Dublin

Whether you're a fan of rugby, GAA, football or any other one of the endless number of sports to get excited about, everyone knows how important a night in front of the sports channels is. Getting together with friends and family over your favourite teams and of course, the munchies that go along with it are absolutely riveting! Chicken and buffalo wings, wedges and many more make for excellent companions to any fun night of cheering and celebrations. We've put together a guide to some of Dublin's tastiest bites guaranteed to make any night even more special.

1. Southern Fried Chicken Tenders - Eddie Rocket's Diner

Why can't life give you chicken tenders instead of lemons??

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Eddie Rocket's presents everyone's classic favourites from the 1950s where the bigger everything is, the better. Western burgers, onion rings, chicken tenders and more are all prepared with a full heart and a smile for every eager customer! The Southern Fried Chicken Tenders at this fast-food hotspot are made from deliciously savoury strips of chicken hand-breaded with a unique, homemade seasoning to deliver a mesmerising taste! Served with a zesty garlic mayo and Cajun sauce as dips, the Southern Fried Chicken Tenders dish hits the spot!

2. XXX Hot Wings - The Chili Shack

Over at the Chili Shack their rule a little different: is the spicier a dish is, the better! Their riveting chilli dishes are bound to spice up your evening just right. Serving fresh and homemade dishes to their customers, the Chili Shack just so happens to have XXX Hot Wings, another perfect sports night nibble. Tongue-searing wings are fried to a crisp and drowned in a feisty hot sauce proving to be a worthy challenger against even the most dedicated of spice-lovers. Served with freshly-cut chips as well as a heavenly (and merciful) blue cheese dip, be sure to add them to your list for your night in front of the telly!

3. Rustic Wedges - On The Pigs Back

On The Pigs Back is a delightful eatery with sensational homemade burgers, dips and sides, all prepared with 100% Irish beef and homemade ingredients. These patties are also cooked-to-order so you're sure every delicious meal is fresh! Their Rustic Wedges are terrific hand-cut potato oven-baked to a golden crisp and garnished with savoury rosemary and tangy rock-salt for more flavour than you could imagine! A quick and addictive bite from On The Pigs Back, Rustic Wedges are an amazing addition to any celebratory night's fine spread ,so be sure to check them out on your next order!

4. Mushroom Poppers - Gourmet Burger Kitchen

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Excelling at the art of the gourmet burger, obviously-named  Gourmet Burger Kitchen has it all. Every burger comes from 100% grass-fed Irish beef, with professional hands whipping up some of Dublin's tastiest meals as well as tantalising dips and sides to accompany any of their mouth-watering dishes. A great side to add to your fun night are Mushroom Poppers from their small bites menu. Delicious and fresh mushrooms are stuffed with three divine types of cheese and tingly jalapenos to fill you up with eye-rolling satisfaction. Breaded fresh every day, Mushroom Poppers are a must-try from Gourmet Burger Kitchen!

Get ready for a night of fun, sports and celebration with these fantastic bites that Deliveroo can bring straight to your front door!

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