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  2. Embrace the bold and chow down on spiced lamb
Be bold with the best spiced, roasted lamb in town

Embrace the bold and chow down on spiced lamb

A new trend is on the scene and it's here to stay: big and bold, full and wholesome, spiced and seasoned lamb is the foodie talk of the town. From Moroccan casserole bedecked with saffron sides to Nepalese curry with an onion kick, it turns out Middle Eastern food has a whole lot on offer when it comes to a meaty main or two. Whether you're a veteran or a newcomer, a roast lamb addict or just taking your very first bite, let's talk chops and the kick and pow that is great Asian spice.

1.  Sweet Lamb Tagine from High Café

Succulent lamb cooked through in an earthenware pot. The Sweet Lamb Tagine from the culinary kings at High Cafe is a delicate dish, a Moroccan casserole that combines soft saffron potato, fennel and coriander, salted olive and onion. So yummy! It's as if the flavours of the Mediterranean are baked deep into every bite, with the tender meat perfectly balanced amidst its many seasoned accomplices. A great texture, a great mix of salty and sweet. If you've never tried Moroccan cuisine before, this is the perfect opportunity for you to get started. From Africa to Ireland and straight into your tum.

2.  Kabseh from Jerusalem

From sweet lamb casserole to diced lamb on a bed of rice: a plate up of Kabseh from Jerusalem restaurant is a treat for any curious foodie. It's a bold, full dish from top to bottom, considered by many to be the national food of Saudi Arabia itself. Dried lime tickles each spoonful with citrus flavour, whole cloves, nuts and coriander provide earthy, herbed undertones and a drizzle of signature Jerusalem sauce sits on top as a proud and tasty relish. Another take on lamb, another taste bud adventure. The Middle East certainly know how to satisfy an appetite.  

3.  The Chef's Special Khasi Ko Masu from Diwali

Khasi Ko Masu is a classic lamb curry. It's moderately hot, pulsing with onion and spiced up with seasonal herbs that really make it pop – tasty! The meat here is certainly the centrepiece, prepared with care and attention in the kitchens of Diwali restaurant. Creamy sauce pools around each cut and there's a choice of accompaniments – from naan to boiled rice – for when it's time to mop up the leftovers. This Nepalese nosh might differ from its colleagues in this list but don't let that put you off, let it entice you! Great flavour is universal, after all.

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4.  Lamb Mansaf from Damascus Gate

Let's slow things down, shall we? Our final entry is a gently cooked plate up of seasoned lamb pieces, saffron rice and fresh red pomegranate seeds. Talk about balance! The meat sits fresh next to the fragrant rice, with every forkful fit to bursting with sweet and juicy flavour. The pomegranate seeds here really are the finishing touch, a signature of Damascus Gate's Syrian and Lebanese cuisine. Delish.  

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