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Seafood chowder is more diverse than you think

Spotlight on seafood chowder - great ways to enjoy this classic dish

Sorry, Nemo - but we're not buying the whole "fish are friends, not food" thing. Not when seafood chowder tastes this good, anyway. Across Dublin, diners with a penchant for fish and other sea-based delights are able to enjoy an array of different types of chowder on menus across the city. Simply put, chowder is a type of thick and creamy soup or stew, best enjoyed when brought to life with seafood or fish. In American cuisine, New England clam chowder seems to be the dish of the day, but here in Ireland, we do things a little differently. We're lucky to have plenty of fresh fish in dishes all around us. Seafood chowder is no exception, so why don't you check out some of our catches of the Deliveroo day?

1. Smoked Pollock & Cockle Chowder 

First up is this beauty from Klaw The Seafood Cafe. If you've never tried a Smoked Pollock & Cockle Chowder before, it's about time you did! Pollock is a rather mild white fish, but when it's smoked, that's when its flavours really "pop". The cockles complement it perfectly and really give extra life to the dish. If you're looking for a creative chowder, this is your best bet.

2. Irish Seafood Chowder

If you like your Irish food truly Irish, well, this is about as Irish as it gets! Using fish and crustaceans found in our local oceans, you'll enjoy your Irish Seafood Chowder from Restaurant 104 with a very fitting slice of delicious soda bread. The super creamy dish is packed full of so much flavour, without being too overwhelming at all. If you're a fan of all things seafood, you'll want to order this. 

3. Scotsman's Bay Seafood Chowder

Want something truly local? The Scotsman's Bay Seafood Chowder uses fish that's found at Scotsman's Bay right here in Dublin. Enjoy the catch of the day prepared fresh and straight to your table from Fish Shack Cafe. As you might be able to tell from the name, these guys really shine when it comes to fish. They're all about sophistication and class, too - meaning that you'll probably get more than you bargained for, in the very best way.

4. Mussel & Bacon Chowder

Klaw Poke have really pushed the boat out with this one, as it were, and brought something truly spectacular into the mix. We don't want to play favourites at all, but this is truly a stand-out dish bringing two of the world's best ingredients (in our opinion) together in a way that just works. If you love mussels and bacon as much as we do, you're going to be raving about the Mussel & Bacon Chowder just as much as we are. Sure, they've got a classic chowder on the menu as well, but if you want something a little different that you'll remember for years to come, this is the one you're after. Meat-lovers and seafood-celebrators alike can rejoice!

There's nothing fishy about these picks - except for the fact that there is! Whether you've never tried chowder before or you're just keen to chow down, order some now from Deliveroo.

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