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Story Behind The Dish: Buffalo Wings

Story behind the dish: buffalo wings

Sometimes subtlety goes out the window – it's all about big flavours. And for those times when you want plate of the good stuff that'll pack a punch, go the buffalo wing way. It's hearty, it's flavourful, and it'll leave you smiling. Just like they do at Stillorgan Orchard. But we take a look at just how this American delight made its way across the world.

Some like it hot

It's a tantalising meal packed full of heat that's made for fingers to dive straight into. Chicken wings are deep-fried until the skin is deliciously crisp, keeping the modest meat portions tender and packed with juices, before they're coated in a cayenne pepper and melted butter sauce for sizzling sticky depth.

Balancing the right combinations is crucial, so tangy blue cheese dip is added for a savoury flavour to soften the spicy-sour cayenne and served with fresh crunchy celery sticks for dipping and mopping up extra sauce.

When buffaloes fly

No airborne bison here, we're afraid. It's an all-chicken recipe that's a signature Super Bowl snack, and takes its name from its origin in Buffalo, New York. Originally created in the Anchor Bar as an off-the-cuff bar snack using spare odds and ends, it's now become a popular dish in its own right.

Original recipes deep fry un-coated wings while many bake or grill theirs crumbed in flour for a lighter recipe that's just as crisp. Adding garlic to the coating gives the dish an aromatic tang to complement the sour heat of the cayenne sauce. While the blue cheese dip varies from rich stilton for a milder touch to roquefort for a potent savoury edge.

Sticky, savoury heaven

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If you're craving some wings with a fiery kick, order from Stillorgan Orchard for all the fire of the classic recipe, plus a few of their own twists for a delightful dish perfect for getting messy with.

Deliciously tender chicken wings are cooked until crisp after being marinated in a hot and spicy sauce. Then they're served up with  smoky blue cheese, and an aromatic curry dip, to bring you a snack that hits the spot every time.

Ready to get stuck into some delicious wings? Order from to Stillorgan Orchard for a savoury, red-hot dream, and get wings brought to your door with Deliveroo.

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