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Fantastic Desserts

A spoonful of sugar: 6 fantastic desserts and where you can order them from

Dessert has a special place in our hearts. You just can't deny it – sweet treats are always there for us.  Whether you're yearning for a single slice of banoffee, need to resolve a dispute about whose turn it is to buy ice cream, or looking for something spectacular to serve to guests, we're here for you.

1. Double Chocolate Brownie, Uncle Pete's

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Uncle Pete's is a restaurant with a steadfast philosophy: life is too short for average food. Compare an ordinary brownie to Uncle Pete's and you'll understand.

A brownie is a universal favourite, but the ultimate brownie should be many things – rich, squidgy, somehow both airy and dense and the same time. Uncle Peter's Double Chocolate Brownie is all those things. Served up with creamy vanilla ice cream and fresh, sweet strawberries, it'll change your relationship with brownies for good.

Where: Uncle Pete's, Cork

2. Tiramisu, Carluccio's

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The translation of the Italian word tiramisù is literally 'cheer me up' – and when you taste Carluccio's offering, it's little wonder why. This layered delight has savoiardi biscuits soaked in strong espresso coffee and coffee liqueur, met with mascarpone and chocolate – this is the perfect way to end a meal.

Where: Carluccio's, two locations in Dublin

3. Baked Banana Doughnut, Honest Pizza


If you had to choose between Honest Pizza's Baked Banana Doughnut and finding your one true soulmate, it would be a tough choice. The guys here combine two of our favourite things: pizza and chocolate. And this soft pizza dough baked with gooey banana, with creamy ricotta and gooey Nutella is a testament to what a good dessert can be.

Where: Honest Pizza, Dublin

4. Homemade Nutella Cheesecake, Aperitivo

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Homemade Nutella Cheesecake: those are three perfect words brought together to make the perfect dessert. Aperitivo serves Italian passion on a plate with a commitment to everything on the menu being authentic and homemade. While they've got all sorts of goodies on here, it's the Nutella Cheesecake – with creamy filling and sweet, crunchy crumbs – that gets our vote every time.

Where: Aperitivo, Dublin

5. Ballteaser Cheesecake, The Meatball Place


The Meatball Place is committed to its cheesecake of the day, but when this one's on the menu, it's a real cause of celebration. The Ballteaser Cheesecake has a vanilla ice cream flavoured with the honeycomb crunch of Maltesers. The rich creaminess of cheesecake, met with the refreshing sweet vanilla ice cream, is sure to leave a smile on your face.

Where: The Meatball Place, Cork

6. Banoffee, Eco

If you're indecisive, we'd recommend perusing Eco's dessert menu ahead of time. There are fresh profiteroles smothered in chocolate sauce, a Snickers Cake with rich soft caramel laced with peanuts, and Pineapple Costa Rica with fresh and juicy Costa Rican pineapple, creamy vanilla ice cream drenched with chilled summer fruit berries.

But keep reading and you'll find the classic Banoffee with bananas, fresh cream and soft-rich toffee combined on a pastry base made from crumbled biscuits and butter. This is the dessert that dreams are made of.

Where: Eco, Cork

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