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Great BBQ Places

Summer's here: 6 great BBQ places

Now that the weather's warming up, there's nothing like a chargrilled, super succulent plate of food to put a smile on your face. And nothing does that better than something straight off the barbecue. But why fire up your grill when there's loads of restaurants out there ready to bring smoky, delicious goodies straight to you? So put down that bag of charcoal and check out a few of our favourites.

1. Bad Boys BBQ

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The bursting burger menu at Bad Boys BBQ is something to write home about. If a standard cheeseburger can't cut it, then the Rodeo Burger – an 8oz beef burger topped with chilli con carne and all the usual salad-y suspects – certainly will. With a portion of wings and a side of topped fries, you're in true barbecue heaven.

Where: Bad Boys BBQ, Cork

2. Pitt Bros BBQ

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If barbecuing for you is all about the biggest and best meats, then this place is your dream come true. Pitt Bros BBQ bring their A Game when it comes to meat. Classic chicken, sausage, jerk ribs and beef brisket are just some of the menu items that mean you have a challenging choice to make. And if you need some carbs, they'll bundle it in a bun for you too.

Where: Pitt Bros BBQ, Dublin

3. Aussie BBQ


For a feast to fit everyone's taste, Aussie BBQ have you covered. Salads, burgers and sides grace the menu, but for the main event, pick out a meat box. These bad boys come loaded with your favourite meats, some with sides, and others with salads. To feed friends, The Honey Badger boasts a selection of the best with two delicious dips for dunking.

Where: Aussie BBQ, Dublin

4. Healthy Grill & BBQ Restaurant

Sometimes, all you want is a simple grilled meal with some punch. When that's the case, head to Healthy Grill & BBQ Restaurant. These guys bring out the big guns when it comes to grilled specials. Fresh cajun style salmon, Asian-inspired duck breast, and chipotle marinated chicken are just some of their to die-for dishes.

Where: Healthy Grill & BBQ Restaurant, Dundrum

5. El Toro BBQ

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At El Toro BBQ, you bet you're gonna eat well. Besides burgers, they've got mammoth meat platters served with two kinds of sides for you to take on, like the smoky Baby Back Ribs and slow-roast Pulled Pork. And that's not all. If you can't decide what kind of meat you want, get the Three Way Meal Combo with three half portions.

Where: El Toro BBQ, Limerick

6. My Meat Wagon

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You've guessed it, at My Meat Wagon, they're all about the meat. And it comes three ways. First up, have Meat In A Box. Your pulled pork is cooked for 16 hours and comes with sides. If you have Meat In Bread, choose from pulled pork, brisket, or a classic burger. Finally, the Meat On A Board serves you pork belly and pulled pork with two signature servings of sides.

Where: My Meat Wagon, Smithfield

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