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  2. These superfood curry sensations in Limerick will keep you going!
Superfood Curry Sensations in Limerick to Keep You Going!

These superfood curry sensations in Limerick will keep you going!

Certain superfoods can be a great source vitamins and minerals that turn any meal into a health-conscious experience. Served right here in Limerick, these hypnotic Asian curries are carefully prepared with healthy fruits and vegetables to produce tasty dishes packed with everything you need to stay well-fed and satisfied. Be sure to check out some of your next favourite curry dishes ready to be delivered straight to your door.

1. Broccoli, Yellow Vegetable Curry

Coming in first on our list of top superfoods in super curries is the Yellow Vegetable Curry from Aroi. Prepared with authenticity in mind, the Yellow Vegetable Curry is loaded with highly nourishing ingredients and superfoods such as broccoli, an absolute essential! This veggie is one of the key ingredients featured in this tasteful dish that also features baby corn, tofu, crunchy bamboo shoots, potatoes, mushrooms and long beans swimming in a vivid yellow curry. Why opt for a boring dish when this one is packed with all the vitamins and minerals your body needs to keep you on the go? An absolute must-have for Limerick's vegetable lovers, this healthy blend of superfoods is sure to make the top of your list!

2. Celery, House Special Curry

Mastering the art of freshly cooked and conveniently packed Asian street food, Wok To Go's House Special Curry is arranged with an excellent variety of fresh-grain wheat and organic celery. Infused with traditional flavours, Wok To Go's House Special is the ultimate veggie-friendly curry sauce. Served with your choice of steamy rice, crispy fried chips or fried noodles, this meal tops off the third addition to our list of super-food curries near you. Enjoying a healthy meal has never been tastier! Check out Wok to Go's House Special Curry for a healthy quick-fix at the tap of a finger.

3. Cabbage, Japanese Cha Fan

Offering a slightly different twist on the average curry, the Cha Fan from Mr. Noodle is an extraordinary Japanese dish filled with superfoods bound to satisfy your taste buds. Delicious fried rice is served alongside your choice of chicken, beef, prawn or the hearty vegetarian option. This meal is piled high with bean sprouts crunchy shallots, onions, carrots and of course the ultimate superfood, cabbage. The next time you're looking to have a traditional Japanese super-meal, try Cha Fan from Mr. Noodle.

4. Mixed Vegetables, Thai Green Curry

From their selection of sensational Asian dishes, Madam Mok presents an assortment of fresh, healthy vegetables brought together in an exquisite Thai green curry sauce. Served piping hot, tangy, and filled to the brim with nutritious superfoods, this curry provides a fiery punch with every bite. Guaranteed to satisfy every spicy food enthusiast, Madam Mok's refreshingly authentic cuisine is an unparalleled Thai favourite offered in the heart of Limerick.

For a night of healthy super-dining with your favourite superfoods, check out these authentic curries, all available from Deliveroo!

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