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  2. Start your day right with Dublin’s healthy breakfast superfoods!
Enjoy Dublin’s Healthy Breakfast Superfoods

Start your day right with Dublin’s healthy breakfast superfoods!

Devouring your favourite fried foods and sweets are one of life's greatest pleasures. But so is feeling healthy, energized and ready to take on the day by storm! So why not let us help you get the best of both worlds? Splatter your breakfast with these superfoods and feel yourself be fitter than ever!

It's everyone's dream to crack the code of finding those energizing superfoods that also taste super delicious! Worry no more, because Dublin has some of the best breakfast and brunch dishes containing only the best of scrumptious superfoods.

1. Avocados - Póg

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Nothing is healthier and more satiating than our number-one most adored superfood: avocados! Not only is this soft, luscious fruit filled with antioxidants, fibres and minerals, it's also a secret ingredient to feeling full for longer as it contains enough healthy plant fats to please your tummy, yet it's small enough to keep you feeling fit all day. What better way to enjoy this luscious green than through the growing trend of avocado toast? Avocado toast is unsurprisingly one of Póg's most popular all-day brunch dishes. Merged with Parma ham and sprinkled with chilli and linseed, this particular avocado toast will definitely have you ordering more the very next morning!

2. Kale - Good to Go

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Need a good iron boost for the day? One of nature's plant-based iron goldmines is kale! Get ready to feel nourished and refreshed with Good to Go's vegan antioxidant salad. Get your vitamins and minerals intake early in the day by indulging in this delicious leafy green salad bowl- a blend of kale, spinach and mixed leaves splashed with flavoursome beetroot, avocado and sprinkled with a seed mix and herb vinaigrette!

In just 250kCal, your body will feel suitably nourished, satiated and ready to take on the world today! Snuggle up in front of the TV in the morning with this bowl and watch your day get brighter and brighter.

3. Quinoa - Sprout & Co

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Quinoa is one super food that has been becoming widely popular all over the world- and why wouldn't it?! Not only is it high in protein and gluten-free, it's also one of the few plants that contain all nine essential amino acids. We have a habit of focusing so much on out fruits and veggies, that we often forget about our whole grains. Not to worry, quinoa is here to save the day!

Sprout & Co's protein grain bowl gives you the freedom to blend your proteins, greens and grains into one scrumptious bowl! Drizzle your entire collection with their special peanut satay sauce and your day is good to go.

4. Oranges - Java Republic

Of course, no dish is more picturesque and vitamin-rich than nature's very own rainbow- a colourful fruit platter! Although we have the right to enjoy mankind's insane creativity through culinary arts, we must not ever forget nature's classics. There's nothing like enjoying a nice big fruit bowl with your friends or family in the morning right before a big day. Fill up on your vitamin C by including some juicy sour oranges. Java Republic's deliciously vibrant whole fruit platter gives you apples, oranges, bananas, pears and grapes for your taste buds' delight.

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