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  2. 4 Of The Tastiest Asian Dishes To Detox After The Holiday Season
4 Tasty Asian Dishes to Detox After The Holiday Season

4 Of The Tastiest Asian Dishes To Detox After The Holiday Season

Following the holiday madness, it's time to prep yourself for a great start to the new year with a terrific and absolutely delicious detoxing experience available right here in Dublin. Some of the best Asian dishes jam-packed with nourishing ingredients and antioxidants will leave you feeling refreshed and cleansed with every bite. Make sure to check out these nutritious options for a healthy kick-start to your new year!

1. Massaman Curry - Red Torch Ginger

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First up on our list of appetizing dishes to help you detox after a night out on the town is none other than the Massaman curry from Red Torch Ginger. This mildly spicy dish is infused with the wholesome flavours of cinnamon, potato, bean sprouts and crispy fried shallots as well as aromatic Thai spices perfectly blended into one mouth-watering curry. With roots originating in the south of Thailand and prepared right here in town, Massaman Curry is guaranteed to tingle your senses. Offering a great source of detoxifying components, this dish will leave you feeling healthier with each enticing spoonful.

2. Seafood Cha Han - Aoki Sushi

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Aoki Sushi pride themselves as masters of the Japanese sushi roll. Offering over 100 different options, you're guaranteed to enjoy a new experience with every order. Their riveting Seafood Cha Han, a traditional Japanese fried rice dish, Aoki Sushi is yet another ideal way to cleanse after any festive night. The Seafood Cha Han features fried rice mixed with a terrific assortment of seafood and organic mixed vegetables. Salmon, a key ingredient that is also considered a superfood for its Omega 3 fatty acids, is prepared with fresh squid, juicy tiger prawns and mussels. Topped with sweet Wakame, a traditional seaweed classic, this nourishing dish is perfect for any after-party feast.

3. Sizzling Champa - Tadka House

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Presenting a luxurious and authentic Indian dining experience, Tadka House has it all. For those looking to dive into some mouth-watering spiced meat, the Sizzling Champa is an absolute must-try. This meal starts off with Irish lamb chops heavily marinated in traditional Indian spices and grilled to perfection making it every bit as juicy as it is delicious. Served with a side of cooling yoghurt to complement those fiery chops, Sizzling Champa pairs perfectly with any detox meal of your choice.

4. Pho Thak - Thai Orchid

Thai Orchid offers some of Thailand's most tantalising dishes, staying true to traditional recipes and alluring aromas in every meal. The Pho Thak Soup is a bowl of divine seafood infused with traditional Thai spices and herbs as well as tomatoes, mushrooms and sweet basil, bringing to life a dish perfectly suited for rejuvenating your body after any boozy celebration. The mix of spices, vegetables and seafood creates a steaming, mildly spicy Asian dish bursting with flavour guaranteed to awaken your senses and keep you on your feet. With that being said, the Pho Thak is yet another delightfully nutritious way to get your detox on!

If you're ready to dive into some exquisite Asian dishes after the holiday season, Deliveroo is glad to bring any of these top choices straight to your doorstep!

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