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  2. Dublin's Best Falafel Restaurants: Where to Feast On Falafel
Dublin's Best Falafel Restaurants: Where to Feast On Falafel

Dublin's Best Falafel Restaurants: Where to Feast On Falafel

The world adores falafel dishes, any if you've never sampled this delicacy then you are in for a treat. Falafel is a traditional dish from the Middle East made from ground chickpeas or fava beans, or in some cases a combination of them both. It can be served in a variety of different ways and is a versatile dish that is delicately spiced to create a mouth-watering meal.

Falafel is becoming a very popular dish in Ireland and is one of the most ordered menu items in the country. If you are behind on this trend then look no further for find where you can order your next takeaway and tempt yourself with a try of this popular food. Dublin is lucky to have several great Lebanese restaurants with some fantastic and authentic falafel dishes. It'd be rude not to!

1. O'Falafel

As the name suggests, O'Falafel is all about great-tasting falafel dishes, with lots of variations of this classic Lebanese dish on their menu for you to choose from. Whether you are seeking a burger, salad, or a super-spicy dish to tickle your taste buds, there's a falafel variation for every taste at O'Falafel. We loved the Stuffed Falafel, which can be filled with either succulently spicy lamb or feta; this tasty and fiery dish is served with salad and tahini sauce. Or why not try the great combination of falafel and halloumi, aptly called Falloumi? Served with red cabbage, rocket, tomato and green salsa, it creates a fun and flavoursome dish.

2. Umi Falafel

Umi is the Arabic word for mother, which is fitting considering how much love and care the fine folk at Umi Falafel put into preparing their grand assortment of dishes. Their menu includes Palestinian and Lebanese style falafel meals which give the dish a notable cultural variation. We loved the flavours of the Palestinian Falafel, served in a Palestinian bread pocket with hummus, tomato, cucumber pickles, aubergine, and is dressed in a chilli and tahini sauce to create a deliciously mouth-watering combination. Or if you aren't feeling too adventurous with your first falafel experience, why not include falafel bites as part of a mezze so you can have Lebanese style banquet? These delicious pieces of falafel are great on their own as well and are best dipped in hummus, tahini, or chilli sauces as a smaller meal or as an accompaniment.

3. Café Oasis

This Lebanese and Mediterranean grill restaurant serves a range of tasty dishes with falafel featuring as one of their key Lebanese exports. One particular Cafe Oasis favourite is the Lebanese Style Falafel Kebab Plate where their falafel is made from chickpeas, hummus and spice rolled into balls and deep-fried, then served with tahini, rustic chips, salad, and pizza bread. Or for a lighter option, I'd choose the Lebanese Style Salad which serves their scrumptious falafel balls with a delicious salad dressed with lemon juice, olive oil, and tahini.

With these great restaurants and takeaways serving irresistible falafel dishes on your doorstep or delivered directly to your door by Deliveroo, isn't it time to explore this Middle Eastern delicacy?

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