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Dublin’s Tastiest And Fruitiest Curries With A Twist!

Dublin’s tastiest and fruitiest curries with a twist!

Some of the most scrumptious curries of all varieties, cuisines, and flavours are just around the corner! Deliciously spiced savoury and sweet delights make for a perfect way to spend any afternoon lunch or night in.

While curries of all kinds are delicious in their own ways, some of the most intriguing and delectable ones are those that contain some type of fruit. From the sweet, soft goodness that mango chicken dishes add, to the fragrant aromas of coconut and pineapple, you just can't deny that adding a bit of exotic fruit brings a curry dish to the next level. We're here to show you the very best curries in Dublin that feature a variety of fresh fruit fusions to create an uplifting and wholesome dish with a twist!

1. Yellow Curry - Thai Orchid

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First on our list of fantastic fruit curries is the Thai Orchid's Yellow Curry. A mildly spicy yet creamy sauce is prepared with a heavenly coconut milk base, freshly cut-up onions, potatoes, and the key ingredient: pineapples! This pineapple-infused meal delivers a whole new world of flavour with a backdrop of sweetness, and served with your choice of beef, chicken, prawns or even tofu for the veggie lovers out there. An outstandingly tasty and fruity dish, the Yellow Curry is a must-try any day of the week!

2. Sitar Mango Chicken - Sitar Indian Cuisine

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Over at Sitar Indian Cuisine, the signature Sitar Mango Chicken is a fascinatingly creamy dish cooked together with fresh mangos for that extra sweet touch. Traditional curry herbs with tomatoes and coriander all blended together produces a savoury curry with a chicken accompaniment. Full of flavour and served mild, this mango chicken dish is captivating and wonderfully filling all on its own. This one is definitely a highly recommended curry for those seeking something fruity and authentic too!

3. Beef Xacuti - Tadka House

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Hailing from the lovely region of Goa, Tadka House offers incredibly delicious Beef Xacuti, a local speciality drizzled with traditional spices and a sweet coconut and tamarind sauce for a gorgeous combination of fruit flavours. Prepared with Irish beef locally sourced right here in Dublin, the Beef Xacuti is a heavily spicy dish that will satisfy any fiery craving whilst luring in curious bellies with its tempting aroma. Beef Xacuti is a wonderful dish to dive right into, especially with its coconut undertones adding an even more exciting depth of fruity deliciousness with every bite!

4. Dansak Lamb - Dera Indian

Authentic Indian dishes prepared to perfection are proudly served at Dera Indian restaurant. With that being said, our final and fascinating fruit-infused curry coming from their kitchen and straight to your dinner table is the Dansak Lamb Curry. An absolutely riveting dish containing juicy tender lamb slow-cooked with lentils and top-quality herbs is smothered in a sweet yet fiery-hot chilli sauce. Merged with fresh pineapples to bind these delicate flavours, this scrumptious dish is the perfect ratio of fruit, spice, and everything nice!

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