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Scrumptious Italian Starters To Dive Into In Limerick

Scrumptious Italian starters to dive into in Limerick

Getting yourself ready for a delectable meal with the perfect appetiser portion is the ideal way to start off any wonderful meal you can't wait to dig into. Here in Limerick, some of Italy's most loved and incredibly tasty starters are available to tease every eager palette! With that said, make sure you never miss out on any of these Italian starter classics with some of the greatest freshly cooked and served right around the corner!

1. Da Vincenzo's Fries - Da Vincenzo

Rated as the second best restaurant in the entirety of Limerick, Da Vincenzo is an Italian marvel worthy of its recognition! This authentic hotspot brings a world of spectacular pizzas to town in addition to other Italian dishes from the heart of Naples, using mama's traditional cooking secrets, of course! Da Vincenzo's chips are a must-try, terrifically fried to a golden crisp and topped with exhilarating Parmesan Reggiano cheese as well as a savoury aioli, a bold mix of garlic and olive oil, and a garden-fresh rocket salad coating for the ultimate healthy garnish!

2. Coleslaw - Milano

Milano offers great Italian classics of all sorts with warm and passionate touches added to every dish. Exciting pizzas and pastas are served fresh, hot and ready to dive right into! The Coleslaw Milano is among their best salads and comes highly recommended by the chefs themselves. Fresh and crunchy white cabbage with carrots and onions are mixed into a coleslaw-wonder and topped off with a tangy chipotle chili sauce. This dish is doused in a light creamy dressing to produce a fantastic vegetarian starter perfect with any pizza or pasta. Full of nutrition and tasty temptation, you just can't miss the Coleslaw Milano on your next order!

3. Grigliata Ciabatta - La Cucina

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It's easy to tell just how much love and passion for food comes out of La Cucina as every dish served is prepared with recipes handed down in their family for generations! La Cucina offers authentic and homemade Italian dishes that every lover of the cuisine absolutely has to try. The Grigliata Ciabatta is a light starter with the fan favourite signature Italian bread served on a plank full flavours. Roasted green and red peppers, delicious slices of fresh mozzarella and aubergine, arugula and a savoury pesto sauce make this a delightful and very enjoyable starter for any dish!

4. Ultimate Garlic Bread - Pizza Hut

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Alright, so we might be cheating a little on this one as most people consider this pizza chain to be more of an American rendition of the all-time Italian traditional classic. Nonetheless, we all get those insatiable cravings for cheesy goodness that only Pizza Hut can cure! Staying true to their deep-rooted Italian inspiration, Pizza Hut serves up some of the cheesiest sides that are just too tasty to ignore. A typical addition to any Italian meal encompasses a trio of flavours no true Italian can live without; garlic butter, toasty bread, and cheese galore.

At Pizza Hut, you'll find the perfect balance of all three with their Ultimate Garlic Bread; freshly baked, doused in tasty garlic butter and red onion and topped with melted mozzarella. If you're looking for a delicious way to start your meal, try out this take on an otherwise iconic Italian staple, and you're sure to enjoy every last crumb!

To prepare yourself for a delicious meal ahead, start off with some of Italy's fantastic starters with Deliveroo!

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