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  2. Show your mates how vegans do takeaways in style in Galway!
Galway's Vegan Takeaway Options Will Have You Hungry!

Show your mates how vegans do takeaways in style in Galway!

If you're planning on catching up with some meat-loving mates this weekend and you want to show them that eating vegan doesn't have to be boring, at Deliveroo we've got your back! Fortunately, there are many great vegan takeaways in Galway and the rest of south and south-west Ireland which can deliver nutrient-rich and flavoursome vegan dishes straight to your door.

1. Xi'an Street Food's Rice Noodle Salads

Get a real taste of China with your friends this weekend at Xi'An Street Food. These guys showcase authentic Chinese cuisine, including a raft of mouth-watering vegan dishes that are bursting with so many layers of flavour. The restaurant's owners attempt to pay homage to Xi'an - one of China's oldest and most historic cities on the starting point of the Silk Road – by replicating time-honoured dishes that have been devoured through the generations. In our opinion, it's hard for vegans to find a better Rice Noodle Salad than here. Their sweet homemade sauce combines with bean sprouts and cucumbers, tossed in rice noodles and a winning combo of soy sauce, black vinegar, garlic and chilli oil that will get those taste buds jumping.

2. Umi Falafel's Falafel Bites

These guys have a number of popular falafel joints across Ireland and now they've opened up a restaurant in Cork. Umi Falafel's chefs have a desire to share with you their unbridled passion for the freshest and most authentic falafel in Ireland. All Umi's Lebanese breads are hand-made freshly in the restaurant and the falafel's complementary salads, pickles and sauces are a secret family recipe that you'll be itching to get hold of! You can grab your falafel bites in up to ten pieces, served with a great range of chilli, tahini and hummus dips too to suit all tastes.

3. Thali's Chayuko Tarkari

Thali is a vegan takeaway restaurant that has one very unique aspect – its chef has been cooking authentic Nepalese food since the tender age of seven. Alongside a great range of melt-in-the-mouth Thali sets and curries, Thali also creates a number of beautiful vegetarian dishes served with either plain rice or a plain naan. We're particularly taken by the mushroom curry, more traditionally known as Chayuko Tarkari, which sees mushrooms cooked down slowly with a raft of Nepalese spices, ginger and garlic in a rich and vibrant sauce. Nepalese food is very much taking off here in Ireland thanks to these guys!

4. Malay Kitchen, Dalca

Another vegan-friendly takeaway restaurant is the Malay Kitchen, based on Cork's South Main Street. Cooked using fresh Malay and Asian-influenced ingredients, the real show-stopper for us on their menu is the Dalca – a very mild, flavoursome lentil-based stew derived from the streets of Telangana in India. It's jam-packed with fresh vegetables including babycorn that is full of texture and soft potatoes and tomatoes. The stew is then topped with crispy onions for an added crunch and a much-needed hint of sweetness. It's literally the perfect winter warmer!

Don't forget, if you need to order something else for your friends this weekend, check out the full list of Deliveroo's participating restaurants that deliver fresh food straight to your door across Ireland.

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