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Terenure Terrific Takeaways

Tip Top Terenure: 4 terrific takeaways

From Thai to Italian, gourmet burgers to deli fresh classics, Terenure has got quite the foodie scene. The range of mouth-watering cuisines here means that you're sure to find something you love, but if you need a bit of inspiration for your next takeaway, we've rounded up a few of our favourites.

1. Bacon Cheese Burger, Real Gourmet Burger

If it's a hunger busting burger feast you're after, look no further than Real Gourmet Burger. These guys are all about the meat. 100% Irish, gluten free, no additives, no binding agents and – in their own eloquent words – 'JUST MEAT. It's all about the MEAT'. Don't say we didn't tell you.

We love their Bacon Cheese Burger. This towering creation packs in melted aged Irish cheddar which oozes over a juicy burger, strips of streaky bacon, fresh lettuce and a slice of beef tomato. Skinny rosemary chips are thrown in for good measure – but these are no sideshow. Homemade and hand cut, each one is a delicious crunch of pillowy potato perfection.

Where: Real Gourmet Burger, 101 Terenure Road East

2. Seafood Linguine, Bellagio Restaurant

Bellagio serve up modern, authentic Italian fare oozing style and panache. There's a great range on offer here, with everything from fresh salads and punchy pastas through to flavour packed pizzas.

For something a bit special, go for the Seafood Linguine. This creamy delight has clams, prawns and mussels threaded together with delicate strands of linguine and a white wine, tomato sauce coating each fulfilling mouthful.  

Where: Bellagio Restaurant, 92 Terenure Road North

3. Chicken & Bacon Caesar Salad with Parmesan, The Lovely Food Co

For a range of honest, simple, deli-style classics, head to The Lovely Co. Living up to the Lovely name could be a tricky task, but the team here rise to the challenge with their range of gourmet sandwiches, fresh salad bowls and hearty mains.

Forget your preconceptions of a chicken Caesar salad – The Lovely Food Co version is something else. Juicy chunks of chicken and streaky bacon are tossed together with shards of parmesan and summery salad leaves. Cashews are added in the mix for extra crunch and everything is dressed in a lightly spiced, tangy mayo and drizzle of balsamic.

Where: The Lovely Food Co, 14a Terenure Road West

4. Pad Thai, Sawadee Thai

For something with more of a spicy twist, check out Sawdee Thai. Specialising in authentic, delicious Thai and Indian cuisine, this is the go-to place for something a bit more exotic.

We love their Pad Thai, this classic staple of any Thai establishment worth its salt is bursting with flavour, texture and spice. The egg is light and fluffy with fresh hits of coriander and cashew crunches leading into chunks of tofu and your choice of prawn, chicken, vegetables or beef.

Where: Sawadee Thai, 94 Terenure Road East


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