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Where Is The Best Pizza In Limerick? We Found Out!

Thick or thin? What pizza crust do the people of Limerick prefer?

Let's face it, we all love pizza, right? It's one of the nation's favourite foods, whether it's for a party, a romantic night in or chilling with your friends in your onesies. The debate rages on throughout Limerick and the rest of Ireland about the very best pizza crust. Some say deep pan crusts are too filling and detract from the toppings while others argue that thin and crispy crusts are too flimsy – which side of the fence are you on?

Traditionally, pizzas were made to be eaten on the move, therefore the dough and crust needed to be very thin to cook quickly, creating that satisfying crispy exterior. So, if you're in the 'thin and crispy crust' camp you can consider yourself very much a pizza traditionalist! However, we're not going to discriminate you if you prefer a deep pan crust from your trusted Limerick pizza takeaway.

Man, all of this pizza pattern has got us seriously peckish. If you're in the mood for pizza, Limerick is fortunately home to some excellent Italian establishments specialising in fresh pizza made to whichever size crust you desire. Check out just how lucky you are.

1. Milano, Limerick

Since 1995, Milano has been bringing hand-made pizza perfection to the people of Limerick in Harveys Quay. They proudly state that their pizzas are still made from their original dough recipe, with new recipes such as the Mediterranean-inspired Vegan Giardiniera and the Campana autumn special proving a big hit. When you combine these authentic flavours of Italy and the Mediterranean with Milano's fantastic riverside location, it's not hard to see why this restaurant is near the top of the list among locals for those special occasions.

2. La Cucina, Limerick

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Bringing a rustic taste of Italy to Limerick, La Cucina is for real pizza foodies. All of its pizzas are 12" and feature traditional Italian names and fresh Italian ingredients, from Italian sausage to buffalo mozzarella! This place has only been open less than a year and within a fortnight of opening its doors, there were queues forming out of the door for their pizzas. Of course, with Deliveroo you don't have to stand and wait in the cold, you can order their goodies online!

3. Pizza Hut

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Just when you thought pizza couldn't get any more exciting, Pizza Hut continues to do its best to blow everyone else out of the water! Pizza Hut's cheesy bites have gone down a storm and they still deliver some of the most satisfying pizza in Limerick today. Available in individual and sharer sizes - ideal if you're feeling particularly sociable - you not only get to choose from a great range of Pizza Hut combos but you can also make your own pizza, with up to five toppings if you wish.

4. Da Vincenzo, Limerick

Da Vincenzo Food & Wine Hall recently opened its doors within The George Hotel, providing an upmarket Italian alternative for light bites at lunchtime and indulgent dishes from the Mediterranean in the evening. It has quickly cemented its place as the #1 Italian restaurant in Limerick on TripAdvisor. Pizza lovers will adore the Neapolitan range and Da Vincenzo also offers something very unique - "White" pizzas. Not everyone enjoys tomato sauce bases on their pizza, so Da Vincenzo offers the ultimate in Neapolitan street food instead!

If that's not enough choice for you, don't panic. Check out Deliveroo's full list of takeaway options delivered straight to your door across Ireland.

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