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The Top 3 Sushi Dishes in Cork

The top 3 sushi dishes in Cork

Here in Cork, there are a lot of places to choose from when it comes to ordering dinner. Whether you want sushi or pizza, falafel or Mexican fajitas: chances are you'll find quite a few places willing to bring you your meal of choice. Here, we'll focus on the sushi options situated around Cork so you know where to go if you fancy the traditional Japanese rice dish.

1. Bento Box, Dashi Sushi

After years of obsessing and exploring good food, the founders of Dashi Sushi decided to share their passion for sushi and noodles with the people of Cork. Every one of their dishes are created from scratch, using fresh, high-quality ingredients. There's a wide variety of Japanese food available at Dashi Sushi on Cook Street, including curries, noodle soups, wok dishes and, of course, sushi. A particular favourite amongst customers are the sushi platters, which are mostly made up of futomaki pieces, chumaki pieces and hosomaki. The bento box is especially impressive as it consists of 3 nigiri, 4 futomaki and 3 hosomaki, as well as miso soup and either spring rolls, tempura prawns and noodle salad.

Where: Dashi Sushi, Cook Street

2. 50 Pieces Sushi Platter, Maki Sushi Rolls

As the first sushi hand roll shop in all of Ireland, Maki Sushi Rolls has gained a reputation throughout Cork for providing fresh, delicious sushi rolls made of local ingredients sourced straight from the English Market. There's plenty of variety, so it makes sense to opt for the 50 pieces sushi platter, which comes with pickled ginger, wasabi and soy sauce. Sushi filling options – all of which are hand-rolled or sliced – include smoked salmon with cream cheese and avocado, yellowfin tuna with tamari sesame marinade and the popular California roll with crab in mayo and cucumber. There are plenty of other recipes to choose from, so we can guarantee you'll enjoy your platter.

Where: Maki Sushi Rolls, The English Market Grand Parade

3. Kombu Onigiri Rice Ball, Miyazaki

Otherwise known as omusubi, onigiri is very similar to sushi in that it is made with rice and wrapped in seaweed. However, the difference is that traditional sushi rice is served with vinegar, sugar and salt, while onigiri is made with plain rice. Of course, for those with a more particular palate, this less flavourful option is a great alternative to sushi. At Miyazaki, they have plenty of triangular onigiri rice balls for you to choose from including tuna mayo, salmon and prawn tenmusu. Of all of them, though, the kombu with sesame seeds and noro seaweed is arguably the closest to traditional sushi, just without the stronger tastes.

Where: Miyazaki, Evergreen Street

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