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  2. Winter is here! These top Thai dishes will keep Cork warm
Try One Of Cork's Tastiest Thai Eateries

Winter is here! These top Thai dishes will keep Cork warm

An exquisite, exciting cuisine of many variations, Thai food is as loved and popular as it deserves to be. Notorious for the spices, noodles and desserts at every corner of the planet, Thai food has truly earned its place among the finest of fares!

With winter here and the cold relentlessly blanketing Cork, it has us all craving those searing hot and spicy sensations that Thai food so expertly delivers. Wrap your hands around some of Cork's finest Thai delicacies served with vegetables and aromatic spices to keep you cosy, or dig right into some flavourful Pad Thai to slurp your way into battling the cold. Here are some of the city's best Thai dishes for a warming dining experience right at home!

1. Gyoza Dumplings and Khao Pad at Koto

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Dumplings are a must have with any Thai dish you order! Those delectable and savoury bite-sized morsels stuffed with veggies, beef or chicken accompanied by a complementing sauce sends a warming sensation through your body from the very first bite. Koto specialises in fantastic Gyoza dumplings fried with either duck or vegetables served with a mesmerising Pandan sauce in which to dip them. Popular and tasteful, bowls of Khao Pad (a mix of rice and vegetables) are also offered to compliment your magnificent starter!

2. Pad Thai and Thai Chicken Bites from Makan Absolute Asia

Bringing together the best of what Asia has to offer, Makan Absolute Asia mixes traditional Chinese recipes and Thai gems together to bring you an overwhelming burst of taste! The Pad Thai, a classic in Thailand (and pretty much everywhere else in the world) is comprised of savoury noodles mixed with carrots, bean sprouts, and topped with a light crushed peanut dusting and is still everyone's favourite. With a sweet yet lightly spiced sauce, this dish's popularity comes as no surprise! Equally as spellbinding, Thai crispy chicken bites, which are also available as a salad, is a must-try source of much-needed protein accompanied with fresh, crisp vegetables.

3. Thai Green Curry and Red Massaman Curry at Ramen

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Rightfully earning its place at the table of most popular dishes on earth, curry is a timeless meal on its own, regardless of what type it is. But it isn't all about Cork's flourishing Indian food scene. Based on Anglesea Street, Ramen serves Thai green and Massaman curries to keep those bellies warm year-round. Their Thai green curry is combined with a healthy blend of fresh vegetables like mixed bell peppers and carrots, while the Massaman curry, it's spicier counterpart, is served with peanuts and courgettes. Both come with a dash of creamy coconut milk and the meat of your choosing!

4.  Spicy Chicken Wings from Flame

Nothing guarantees that tongue-twisting sizzle like spicy Thai food. The chicken wings at Flame Asian Street Food ensure that you'll be panting over their deliciously fiery spicy chicken wings. cooked with special spices and, of course, a blazing hot chilli sauce, this chicken will have all your senses tingling! If you aren't looking to get your hands messy, be sure to check out the Thai sweet and sour: crispy bits of chicken cooked with fragrant pineapples and vegetables.

Thai food is a fantastic way to keep yourself warm during the winter, and Deliveroo is glad to help! Get one of these delicious dishes delivered direct to your door today.

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