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  2. Asian indulgence without the cutlery! All things finger food
Forget chopsticks! Top Asian finger foods to satisfy your appetite

Asian indulgence without the cutlery! All things finger food

Here at Deliveroo, we play host to some of the trendiest Asian chow in town, be it fresh cut sushi, zingy curry or steaming rice. We know a thing or two about Eastern cuisine and today we're talking finger food. We're talking nibbles and snacks that leave all kinds of cutlery in the dust, chopsticks included. It's time to get down and dirty with your nosh, to get hands-on and be proud about it – from Korean chicken wings that crisp in your mouth to soy dunking gyoza, you won't want to miss a thing. Let the listing commence!  

1. Chicken Wings with Sauce on the Side

Korean style, Korean flavour. With the sauce served up on the side, even picky eaters can enjoy these bad boys. Hailan Korean Restaurant serves authentic Asian cuisine and, be it kimchi or sashimi, salty or sweet, they know their way around a dish or two. So when it comes to succulent, drippin' chicken wings, you know they'll do you right. Tangy, tender, cooked simply and with love, this is a side snack to behold. Finger food done right. Delicious.      

2. Aburi Rolls

Behold, Aburi Rolls: fresh-cut sashimi, soft white rice and eight pieces of tempura prawn studded with cucumber. Japanese food doesn't get much better than this! Professional handmade sushi is the norm during any visit to Banyi Japanese Dining, be it for brunch, lunch, dinner or a snack. You can go as full-on or as conservatively as you like too: with numerous combos and bowls available, you'll be hard-pressed to get bored of this menu anytime soon. Share a dish with a friend, get several for yourself, smother it all in wasabi. Good stuff.  

3. Chicken Gyoza  

Dipping food for days! A serving of six crisp, pleated Chicken Gyoza from Kuraudo is enough to set any mouth a-watering. Inside every one of these deep-fried pouches is tender meat, seasoned mixed veggies and enough flavour to take your breath away - literally: you'll be chowing down on so many of these at once you won't have time to come up for air! With homemade sauces served up on the side, you can add a savoury, sweet or salty kick as per your liking.  

4. Vegetable Spring Rolls

More rolls, more flavour. From Korean cuisine to full Thai starter goodness, it's time for a look at an old classic favourite! Veggie Spring Rolls are pockets of pleasure - everyone knows that. They're soft, molten, fried deliciousness, each and every one. And yet while many may try their best, only a few select restaurants can reach the greatest of spring roll heights. Thai Orchid is one of them. If you're in need of a plate of these tempting fellows, they're but a click away - these pastries come packed with carrot, cabbage, mushroom and noodles, all served up alongside a rich plum sauce. They're the best in town, no doubt.      

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