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  2. The Dublin guide to Middle Eastern cuisine and those who do it best!
The Best Middle Eastern Cuisine In Dublin

The Dublin guide to Middle Eastern cuisine and those who do it best!

Dublin's glorious variety of authentic flavours brought straight from the Middle East is revolutionising the food scene and becoming a steadfast favourite among all walks of city-goers. Whether you're ordering for a corporate lunch break, late night hangover cure, or just looking to spice up your dinner plans with a classic Arabian Night theme, these spots have your back!

With different cuisines enjoyed across the vibrant variety of cultures that originate in the region, you'll never be stuck for choices when you're on the prowl for some authentic Mediterranean dishes. Check out our pick of Dublin's favourite hotspots and where get your hands on the very best of what Middle Eastern cuisines have to offer!

1. Teta's Special, Little Jerusalem

When it comes to the savoury and sweet blend of Moroccan plum-infused couscous or the incredible variety of healthy vegetarian mezze plates from the Mediterranean to across the Sahara desert, you'll never run out of options when it comes to Middle-Eastern cuisine!

This style of food is far from simplistic, and always an exciting shock to the senses. Looking a little closer to home,  Little Jerusalem has perfected the wonders of Arabian cuisine in Dublin. With fresh and crisp ingredients, passionate homemade recipes prepared with true authenticity in mind, quality tastes are a guarantee. Delicious and traditional Arab dishes of all sorts are offered at Little Jerusalem, from yummy tapas style Mezza plates to grilled and juicy meats and chicken mains.

A highly-recommended dish among locals is Little Jerusalem's Teta Special. This Arabian take on 'Granny's home-style cooking' presents your choice of savoury chicken or fall-off-the-bone lamb cooked up in grandma's special sauce infused with garlic, olive oil and tomato for a hearty meal that only your Nan can master!

2. The Lamb Tagine, Moro Kitchen

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No need to battle the seas and trek the North African desert just to taste the delicate flavours inspired by Moroccan cuisine, you can find it all and more right here in Dublin! When it comes North African-style Arabic food, there's no better way to go than with a tagine. At Moro Kitchen delve into the wonderful variety of Moroccan-inspired tagines classically balancing the sweetness of fruits with the savoury of chicken and lamb broths with undertones of cinnamon and traditional spices to bring a world of flavour straight to your table.

Served generously atop a fluffy bed of nutted couscous, there's not much more that screams home-style Middle Eastern food louder than this. Try out one of their most popular, the Lamb tagine for a succulent tender lamb stew classically cooked with prunes for a sweet savoury flavour with each bite. Their tagines come with a side of traditional bread great for soaking up all those impeccable juices.

3. Kofta Be Laban, Damascus Gate

Another iconic hub across the Middle East that prides itself on the tastiest renditions of local ingredients sits in the heart the Shami region of the Middle East. With over 40 years of experience combined, the chefs at Damascus Gate serve up the best of Shami dishes, specifically Lebanese and Syrian. Cooked to perfection and prepared with fresh herbs and spices to add tantalising tastes you can only find in the Middle East, every ingredient in each dish provides an explosion of authentic flavours. The Kofta Be Laban is a classic dish consisting of slowly cooked, juicy meatballs served with a traditionally-made, cooling and refreshing yoghurt, rice, and pomegranate seeds for garnish. This is a must-try for those who love home-cooked, exotic flavours!

4. O'Falafel Burger, O'Falafel

Slightly more north, Lebanon is among one of the region's most notable for their cuisine. Put your travel plans aside for now and turn your attention to the very authentic O'Falafel, bringing Lebanon's most delicious and loved Falafel right to the heart of Dublin. Cooking authentic Falafel with tradition Lebanese stuffing, spices and toppings, every meal is fresh and hot and ready to dive right into.

With unique and exciting falafel variations available, the options never run out. The O'Falafel burger, unlike traditional Falafel patties, is a large burger-shaped twist on this classic dish. Placed between homemade fresh buns stacked with red lettuce, tomato, rocket leaves topped with your choice of yoghurts, chilli, and garlic sauces, this scrumptiously tasty, vegetarian delight makes us realise just why Falafel is a staple snack across the world!

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