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  2. Hot molten meltdown! Our favourite vegan cheese delights
Our top 4 delightful vegan cheese dishes

Hot molten meltdown! Our favourite vegan cheese delights

A flavoursome kick from some veggie favourites - from feasting pizzas to quesadilla glory, we've rounded up some of the best vegan cheese eats known to man! These dishes are good for the environment and good for your body. Recipes from all around the world are switching up their ingredients for the better. Craving Italian? Miss that pizza tang? Miss it no more because no meal is off limits to your tum. Even those with the healthiest diet can rest easy and fill up. Culinary indulgence is but a click away. 

1. The Vegan Meat Feast Pizza - Aperitivo 

Vegan and Meat Feast Pizza might seem an odd combination, both in practice and in semantics, but by the blessings of the chefs at Aperitivo such a dish does exist. This is a protein top up if ever there was one, with vegan sausage, bacon and chicken layered on thick. Cheese dances with tomato sauce, a plump crust acts as base and every bite is a wonder to behold. Filling, tasty and completely free of animal products, this is every vegan's dream, served hot and ready on a plate.

2. The Vegan Mezze Plate - TGO Falafel Bar 

Out for a few drinks and a catch up with the crew? Pad those stomachs and nibble down on veggie food galore with a Vegan Mezze Plate from TGO Falafel Bar. With options for two- or four-person sharing plates, a single order of this bad boy will load you up with hummus, salad, pitta and sauce. Yum! Pick, graze and chew between sips to your heart's content, then split the falafel between the group as you so desire. Premium vegan cheese is available on the side, of course, as well as a garnishing touch of dolmas and aubergine veg. Very classy. 

3. The Vegan Quesadilla - Fat Freddy's 

The oldest pizzeria in Galway, Fat Freddy's maintains a heritage of experience, professionalism and proper good grub. Their quesadillas are the bee's knees, with each and every serving fit to burst. If you're a hungry vegan, this is the place to be. Roasted veggies saddle up alongside baby potatoes, garlic melts into beans and vegan cheese and your fork just keeps on coming back for more. Top nosh.

4. The Vegan Burger - On The Pigs Back

A vegan bun, a vegan patty, a square of vegan cheese - we are proud to present our fourth and final entry, the Vegan Burger from On The Pigs Back. It's drizzled and dipped in homemade sauce, while crisp vegan bacon rests on a bed of lettuce and moist tomato blends into the juice. Quite frankly, this is hearty food and it's not to messed with or missed - up there with the best of them by a mile. Get your hand-cut chips and your cola ready, then dig on in.

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