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Hungry for Vegetarian Food in Galway? Try These 4 Premier Pizzas

Fresh, Clean, Delightful And Delicious – These Veggie Pizzas Will Fill You Up!

More and more people are getting into vegetarian food, as they realise the superior health benefits to be had from clean living. At Deliveroo, we encourage a wholesome lifestyle, but that doesn't mean you have to give up on the comfort food you love. There are even gluten-free options so everyone can enjoy the Italian circular classics and remember – the first ever pizzas were meat-free. We believe some of the most imaginative and inventive toppings are geared towards vegetarian clientele, so read on and prepare to dig in

1. Vegetarian

Woozza is a well-established pizzeria making good use of a Neapolitan stone oven to create an authentic Italian experience. It gives their dough perfect levels of charring and, therefore, a classic taste. The extensive menu provides numerous options to suit all palates, including an array of vegetarian choices. The amenable chefs will allow you to remove meat from any menu selection if you so wish, but the aptly named Vegetarian pizza here is ideal for herbivores, and features sweetcorn, rocket, peppers and juicy champignon mushrooms. Your meat-eater mates are sure to want a slice of this!

2. Calzone Vegetariana

If you fancy a change from the traditional flat, circular pizza, then go for a calzone and tuck in with a knife and fork. The folded dough packed with joy offers up a fantastic alternative to the traditional and at Venice Restaurant there are a couple of awesome ones to choose from. For vegetarians, there is the Calzone Vegetariana, filled with mozzarella, onions, courgettes and aubergines. The best thing about this one? It isn't sliced, so you can devour it all yourself – no need to share with friends!

3. Quattro Fromaggi

One of the best parts of a pizza is the soft and sumptuous melted cheese covering the surface. So why just stick to one variety? Wherever possible, we suggest adding more cheese to your dish, and that is why the Quattro Fromaggi at La Cucina is one of the standout options on the menu. This awesome offering is topped with lashings of mozzarella, chunks of feta and goats' cheese plus sprinklings of parmesan. All of this is topped with a touch of fresh oregano, resulting in a beautiful, cheesy, circle of heaven.

4. Gourmet Vegetarian

Fat Freddy's offers up a wide range of dishes from various cuisines, including Italian and Mexican. Not only are there amazing pizzas on the menu, there are also some exceptional enchiladas and gorgeous quesadillas. For vegetarian pizza lovers, it has to be the Gourmet Vegetarian here. This decadent pizza comes in a small or large size and is made with authentic "OO" flour. It's topped with a perfect combination of sun dried tomatoes, roast peppers, red onion, spinach and pesto. It not only tastes fantastic but looks stunning, too. You'll want to take a few snaps of this beauty for Instagram before you tuck into it!

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