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  2. Ireland has amped up its Asian food game with these little dumplings
4 reasons to order in asian dumplings in Ireland today

Ireland has amped up its Asian food game with these little dumplings

Dumplings are a delicious - yet simple - doughy food with origins spanning across countless cuisines. From China to India, Japan to Eastern Europe and beyond, they're often a staple in many cultures. And with good reason! Dumplings are  some of the most versatile foods around: they can be made with various types of dough and you can stuff them with just about anything (yes, even chocolate!). Whether you're staying in or starting a night full of festivities, filling up on heavenly dumplings is the way to go. Here are just four of the many reasons why.

1. Dumplings are a hungry tummy's best friend

Why opt for a dish you'll only enjoy once? Dumplings usually come in portions of three, six, eight... or as many as you can fit in your belly, really. The doughy delights come chock-full of authentic flavours that will keep you craving more, yet bring you to the right point of fullness and satisfaction. As a perfect dish to snack on as you kick back and watch a movie or (if you're willing) to share with great company, dumplings are suited to almost any occasion. A terrific place to start would be Orchid in Dublin. Their Dim Sum Platter serves a variety you won't be able to resist. From the pork in the Wal Tip to the chicken in the Kaw Zhe, there's something for everyone in this divine dish-up.

2. The options are never-ending

Whether you prefer your dumplings steamed, grilled, fried or delicately floating atop a hearty soup, this dish will provide. A variety of meaty fillings, mouth-watering veggie blends and delectable dips make for countless drool-worthy options and a world of flavours just waiting to be explored. If you're still a dumpling amateur, just getting started on your bite-sized journey, the Grill Dumplings at Wok On Inn feature tender dumplings stuffed with minced pork and vegetables for an Asian-style dish that is an absolute classic.

3. They make fantastic sides and starters

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If you're prepping for a feast, dumplings make for the ultimate appetiser to get those juices flowing. As a precursor to a meal or easy-to-eat side dish to go along with your main, these mini delights are just about the only things you need. Three Monks Asian Restaurant serves a fantastic Mo:Mo Gyoza. Stuffed with your choice of lamb, chicken or veggies and served alongside a traditional dipping sauce, once again this is a dumpling display to satisfy all preferences.

4. There is no "wrong" time to have some dumplings.

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Nothing makes us more hungry than a hard day's work. So when it's all said and done why not ditch those boring sides and explore a new and enchanting kind of dumpling instead? Grab a few dozens of your favourite variety, sit back, relax and enjoy each and every delicious morsel whenever the craving comes rolling 'round. Bare in mind the dips, garnish, toppings and syrups served alongside these little flavour bombs, like the dipping sauce that comes with Wagamama's divine Fried Gyoza Dumplings guaranteed to have you licking the bowl clean!

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