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  2. Cinco De Mayo: Have a Mexican Food Feast
Cinco De Mayo: Have a Mexican Food Feast

Cinco De Mayo: Have a Mexican Food Feast

The annual Mexican celebration of Cinco De Mayo is the perfect time to indulge your passionate love of delicious Mexican food and embrace how unabashedly it brings us such mouth-watering joy each and every day. Here we list some of the most magnificent Mexican food you can find this side of San Cristobal right here on Deliveroo!


Ireland's new unofficial "national dish", burritos have firmly captured our collective imaginations and filled our hungry bellies in recent years and we can't seem to get enough! With a huge variety of filling choices and the absolute guarantee that you will be full afterwards, nowhere defines this growing food trend more than Boojum. Absolutely brimming with meat, rice, beans, salsa, cheese and sour cream you need to make sure you tick these off your food bucket list!

Get them from: Boojum Dublin (Kevin Street), Boojum Dublin (Abbey Street), Boojum Cork, Boojum Galway


Golden corn shells of heaven, tacos are one of the iconic quintessential Mexican culinary staples and no less scrumptious regardless of whatever your prefered fillings are. Like most eats from this area, the vibe is far away from minimalist. Packing your tacos deep with lamb, chicken or chilli is the goal here, before piling on the extras - we're talking jalapenos, salsa, cheese and honestly anything else you fancy, before shamelessly devouring them with a bottle of Jarritos Mexican soda.

Get them from: Saburritos Dublin (North Earl Street), Saburritos Dublin (Dame Street), Saburritos (Swords)

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No Mexican feast is complete without this most supreme of dips, which can be enjoyed with or alongside just about anything! What constitutes the ultimate Guacamole recipe is still a contentious topic for some but arguments aside, this tangy and refreshing summer side dish is the perfect appetiser for movie or sport nights, BBQ's, party food or simply eating alone with a bowl of crispy tortilla chips.

Get it from: Little Ass Burrito Bar


Light, zesty and layered inside with gorgeous melted cheese, the traditional quesadilla is a customary Mexican dish which has also travelled the globe. Tortillas filled with succulent fillings such as steak, chicken or pork carnitas are topped with cheese and other yummy flavours before being folded in half, toasted and cut into quarters. Enjoy with chips & dip and a refreshing Mexican beer.

Get them from: El Patron


The ultimate sharing dish, Super Nachos are a party-starter in more ways than one and a dish which casual food lovers take extremely seriously. Loaded like a culinary deck of cards, with a serious amount of toppings such as cheese, guacamole, sour cream and jalapenos. The general rule here is the messier the better! So grab your mates around a big table and let them tuck into this addictive snack!

Get them from: Mission

Mexican Bowl

One tasty alternative to the burrito is the famed-Mexican bowl, secret and delicious nutrition weapons for those who are hungry on the go! Anything goes with these loaded bowls, from roasted sweet potatoes to fresh greens with any tantalising mix of meats and grilled veg creating the perfect low-carb dish.

Get them from: Tolteca (Camden Street), Tolteca (Rathmines), Tolteca (Galway)

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Other Cinco De Mayo Feasts

Mexican Food Dudes (Limerick), Oxaca (Dublin), Mama's Revenge (Dublin), Zambrero (Dublin)

Celebrate Cinco De Mayo today with an authentic Mexican feast - get it delivered right to your door with Deliveroo.

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