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A culinary trip around the world with Deliveroo

A culinary trip around the world

There's no doubt that food is the international language and easily one of the best and most enjoyable ways in which to explore and experiment with new cultures. Taking a culinary trip around the globe has never been easier as the dizzying array of multi-cultural restaurants currently around Ireland's main cities attest to. So whether you fancy some Asian, Mexican or Moroccan it's all there for you and available on Deliveroo.


Ireland's love affair with Italian food has never abated despite a football rivalry that's certainly intensified over the years and only heightened since Robbie Brady popped a header in the back of their net last summer. Simply put, we can't get enough and luckily finding top quality Italian cuisine in every pocket of the country has never been easier. What you can be sure of are fresh quality ingredients, simply made dishes cooked with impeccable preparation and care. Choose from mouth-watering Italian specialities like pasta linguine, pizza and prosciutto ham.

Italian restaurant picks: Pinocchio and Independent Pizza Company in Dublin, La Cucina in Limerick, Da Paulino's in Galway, Marcello's in Cork

Asian street food

Asian street food is having a real moment over here and Irish foodies are the ones reaping the benefits. Taking inspiration from the stalls and marketplaces you can find right across the Far East, we're simply salivating over these restaurant's mixing traditional values with a modern twist. Imaginative menus, exotic flavours and affordable prices mean this hot food trend doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

Asian restaurant pick: Ramen in Cork, Opium in Dublin, Aroi in Limerick, The Noodle House in Galway.

Middle Eastern  

Beyond the trusty kebab, Middle Eastern food is another that we have readily embraced in recent years. Aromatic and wholesome, there's so much to salivate over here from fresh hummus to tasty falafel, wonderful mansaf (lamb covered in yoghurt sauce and served with rice and nuts) to the beloved baklava desert. More luscious and filling food you'll find hard to find, and luckily there's an impressive selection of authentic Arabic restaurants to cater for your hungry needs.


Middle Eastern restaurant picks: Keshk, Damascus Gate and Rotana in Dublin, Mejana in Limerick, Sultan in Cork.


We've recently seen an explosion of Japanese cuisine into Ireland and this looks likely to expand firmly towards the mainstream well into 2017. Far beyond the staple of sushi rolls, Irish tastebuds are increasingly being turned on to the delights of diverse dishes such as gyoza, buroso, mochi and kimchi. The health benefits of introducing more Japanese food into a regular diet are now also being promoted with the high quantities of seafood, vegetables and fermented ingredients at the heart of these dishes.

Japanese restaurant pick: Banyi, Aoki and Bread & Bones in Dublin, Wa Café in Galway, Dashi Sushi in Cork, Kyoto in Limerick.


The Mexican food revolution is well and truly alive across Ireland's cities and there's never been so much choice for your next chiquito, fajita, nachos or tacos. One of the most diverse and rich cuisines in the world, we've truly fallen head first for one particular Mexican speciality; the great burrito! So whether your definition of what makes one perfect includes rice, beans, salsa, guacamole, cheese or sour cream there's no shortage of exciting Mexican food available to order on your doorstep right now!

Mexican restaurant pick: Zambrero in Dublin, Boojum in Dublin, Galway and Cork, Mexican Food Dudes in Limerick.


While not as exotic or vividly textured as ethnic cuisine which has so captured our imaginations in recent years, classic European food is yet making a comeback onto our plates. Across the Mediterranean individual cuisines of certain countries can vary wildly but what you're certain to find are a carnival of gastronomic delights and three main staples; exceptional meats, perfectly produced breads and incredible cheeses.

European restaurant pick: Lavanda in Dublin, Amicus and El Vino in Cork.


Aromatic and romantic, Moroccan food conjures up fragrant images of old Casablanca, desert skies and saffron-infused delights. Luckily, while we may lack in comparison to the weather or old-world glamour available here we have successfully imported some of the heavenly tastes associated with Moroccan food, often described as the finest cuisine in the world. Start with dishes like a rich tagine enhanced with couscous and fresh salads.

Moroccan restaurant pick: High Cafe in Galway, Dada in Dublin.


The land of spices, you won't find anywhere with more of a zest for fragrant flavours. Given its large size, Indian cuisine is a literal melting pot of cultures and traditions, blended over time to create a virtual feast for the senses. Depending on how spicy your tastebuds lie, there's a tongue-tingling choice of dishes and curries from each restaurant, made with love using the most exotic ingredients.

Indian restaurant picks: Madina Desi in Dublin, Eastern Tandoori in Cork.



We often forget about the wonderful food naturally available to us in Ireland, whether that's enticing fresh seasonal ingredients, world-class meats and seafood or simply the versatile but irreplaceable potato. As eating sustainable, locally grown ingredients becomes increasing important for diners, it's wonderful to see the rise of talented chefs tearing up the rulebook when it comes to traditional Irish cuisine and creating exciting new dishes merging both the past with now.  

Irish restaurant picks: Hooked in Galway, Spud in Dublin.


The iconography of food looms large when talking about the United States; think of hamburgers, hot dogs, doughnuts, mac n' cheese etc. so it's not surprising the influence they've had on our eating habits over the last 100 years. Today we continue to still enjoy All-American food daily and it's become synonymous with great big social occasions, the celebration of sharing and good times!

American restaurant picks: Eddie Rockets in Dublin, The Chilli Shack in Galway, Huckleberry Doughnuts in Cork.

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