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  2. Four reasons why raw food rocks - the best dishes that prove our point
Four very important reasons to try raw food

Four reasons why raw food rocks - the best dishes that prove our point

We tend to think that culinary excellence goes hand in hand with the physical act of cooking - heating our food up, warming it through, and serving it up just so. But could it be that this view is actually a little reductive?

We'd have to say that the answer is 'yes', and the ever-growing popularity of raw food definitely backs us up. Whether it's fresh fruit smoothies, sushi, or sauces, here are just four of the reasons why less is sometimes more.

1. Because fresh juice is great for detoxing

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Let's be honest – we all use and abuse our bodies from time to time. Whether it's overindulging in vino or stuffing ourselves full to bursting with a big, juicy burger, we don't always think about the impact it's having on our insides. This means that detoxing is occasionally in order, and one of the best and most scrumptious ways to achieve it is with the Weekend Warrior smoothie from 143V. Filled to overflowing with vitamins and minerals, its blend of raw ingredients will leave you feeling perfectly refreshed and rejuvenated.  

2. Because smoothies are truly smashing

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Lots of liquid goodness comes in raw form, including smoothies. Delightfully tasty, colourful, and healthy, these are a great way to get some of your five a day down your throat, and they come in so many different flavours and formulations that there's guaranteed to be something for everyone. One of our favourite places to order them from is Cocu, a restaurant committed to whipping up food and drinks that are as tasty to chow down on as they are good for you. Try their Seasonal Smoothie if you want to be impressed.

3. Because sashimi is super good for you

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Sushi is definitely something of a superfood, and we all know that it's just about as raw as they come. Salmon Sashimi, in particular, offers us a perfect case in point, packed full as it is with protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and a whole host of other nutrients, like selenium and magnesium. It also tastes undeniably mouth-watering, especially when you order it from the inimitable Eatokyo. Think of us when you're licking your lips and giving your enviably bloat-free tummy a post-meal rub!

4. Because nigiri tastes next-level amazing  

Not all nigiri is raw, but it's generally recommended that it should be eaten uncooked in order to preserve its authenticity and enhance the flavour. Having tried it ourselves, we can see exactly why! A true treat for the taste buds, it not only tastes great, but infuses your body with a beneficial dose of vitamins and minerals too. Our favourite take on it is the Flamed Sushi Nigiri from Banyi Japanese Dining, which you can order straight to your door anytime that you're in need of an epic eating experience.

Preserving the goodness that can sometimes be lost through cooking, raw food tends to be just as good for your body as it tastes on your tongue. Why not order some today to see for yourself?

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