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  2.  Ireland’s most popular Deliveroo dish – revealed
Ireland’s Most Popular Deliveroo Dish

 Ireland’s most popular Deliveroo dish – revealed

There's a few suspects you'd expect to find in the top dish spot - burgers, pizza, maybe even chicken wings. But surprisingly, Ireland's most-ordered menu item is the small but mighty falafel. Yes, you read that right. The falafel.  

While the falafel originally hails from the Middle East, these days it can be found pretty much anywhere from Israel to Ireland. And the most popular place for it is, of course, Umi Falafel. Their Palestinian Falafel topped the poll as our favourite dish to order in.

You had me at falafel

Typically a deep-fried ball, doughnut or patty made from ground chickpeas or fava beans, falafel is seasoned with spices before being fried. A healthier version can be baked in the oven but the best, most authentic falafels are cooked in a shallow pool of bubbling oil to guarantee maximum flavour retention.

 A firm favourite of hungry lunchtime snackers, a lot of the success of the falafel is down to its versatility. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans, and low in fat, it can be topped with veggies, salads or chilli sauce, and drizzled with tahini or hummus to transform it into a nourishing meal. For anyone in a rush, all of the above can be scooped up into a warm pitta and taken to eat on the go.

Give the people what they want


While the falafel is not the most traditional of Irish foods, it has certainly proven to be one of the most popular. Umi Falafel – with sites in Dublin 2 and Rathmines – is the country's top falafel hotspot, offering up a broad selection of sandwiches and salads centered around the main ingredient. Their signature falafel salad is served on red and white cabbage with garlic mayo and topped off with a tomato and coriander salsa.

For those after a heartier tummy teaser, we recommend their Palestinian Falafel. With tomato, cucumber pickles, flat parsley, tahini sauce and falafel tucked into a flatbread pocket, it's been known to satisfy even the most aggressive of appetites. And it's the most ordered dish on Deliveroo – so how could this many people be wrong?

Ready to sample some Arabian Nights delights? Let Deliveroo bring some Middle Eastern magic straight to your door.

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