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Exam Stress? 9 Ways For Students To Eat Better

Exam stress? 9 ways for students to eat better


Whether you're desperately cramming for exams, still ghosting your group for that work project or ticking off final assignments with the vigour that only upcoming Summer festivals can provide – final semester is stressful.

Don't let food become part of that problem – no more frantic freezer raids, no more easy but let's-face-it not that healthy takeaway, we've got loads of tasty and nutritious dishes just waiting for you. Take a quick study break, check these out, and before you know it you'll be enjoying your favourite restaurants from your dorm or your desk!

Burritos and Blues

Pressed for time and need to eat well fast? Grab a bangin' burrito or an energy-filled bowl to get you through your next study session! Perfect for one-handed scrolling as you pore over the bibliography of your dissertation, with that deadline looming large.

Available from: Dublin (Wexford Street), Dublin (IFSC), Cork

TGO Falafel

Unequivocally delicious – the dishes here like the Rock My Beets wrap – are packed full of brain foods such as lentils (full of Vitamin B, shown to boost brain power), walnuts (increase mental alertness and ability to retain information) and beetroots (increase blood flow to the brain, improving mental performance).

Available from: Galway


You get what you see here - unembellished goodness packed with as many nutrients as possible. Any of the make-your-own salad bowls can be filled with some of the most powerful super brain-foods around such as broccoli, beetroot, spinach, pumpkin seeds, nuts and oats.

Available from: Dublin (Fairview), Dublin (Grafton Street), Dublin (Rathmines).


Breakfast becomes even more vital when you're likely to be awake and studying intently for long periods of the day. Porridge, green juices, egg pots, acai bowls or natural protein bars will all give you an edge and are available on Deliveroo whenever you need them.

Available from: Dublin

The Chili Shack

When the pressure's on, finding something handy and quick to eat doesn't mean you have to skimp on quality. It's about making smart choices and a hot bowl of chili is hearty and packed with nutrients. Grab a couple of spoons and make it a communal affair as you begin group study planning!

Available from: Dublin, Galway

Uncle Pete's

Downtime is precious, so you want to make the most of every minute – Uncle Pete's makes that as easy as possible. The Healthy Choice – one tasty salad, soup or a snack and a drink – gives you more time to procrastinate on social media and ignore the impending doom of exams!

Available from: Cork

Eat Greek

Smart-snacking regularly is a great way of keeping energy levels up, both mentally and physically. Forget the vending machine, straddle the fine line between genius and exhaustion with healthier and tastier alternatives such as hummus, greek yoghurt or feta cheese.

Available from: Dublin

Da Vincenzo

After a long day's slog in the library, sometimes you just need a generous bowl of pasta. Shaved parmesan and oregano will help you to forget the horror of the day, and enjoy some well-deserved relaxation until it starts all again tomorrow.

Available from: Limerick

Little Ass Burrito Bar

Whether you're already in shape for summer, or still just hoping in vain then this one's for you. Little Ass' Paleo Box includes marinated chicken, roasted sweet potato, guacamole and salsa so you can check eating off your to do list, and stay guilt free too!

Available from: Dublin

Hungry, stressed or just plain hungover? We have the perfect food for students - get it delivered to your door with Deliveroo.

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