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Great food shouldn’t cost the earth

Great food shouldn’t cost the earth

Deliveroo's mission is to bring customers amazing food, but it's also really important that we do so in a sustainable way.  This is something you have told us you care about deeply - and we've listened.

Today is World Environment Day, and we are happy to announce our partnership with the Restaurants Association of Ireland, where together, we are taking bold steps to cut down on plastic waste.

We are making some changes to improve our app and packaging store in ways that will hopefully lead to significant long-term outcomes to make our delivery service more sustainable:

Introducing a new 'opt in for cutlery' feature which asks customers whether they want to receive cutlery with their order. This means cutlery will no longer be added automatically. This was introduced in the UK and UAE earlier this year, where over 90% of meals in the UK and around 80% in the UAE are now delivered without cutlery - so we believe the results will be significant in Ireland.

Encouraging the switch to environmentally-friendly straws. We're giving away over 1 million paper straws to selected restaurants around the world.

Working on a global packaging range, which will make biodegradable, compostable and recyclable options available to restaurants by the end of the year. This follows the introduction of a packaging store with non-plastic, sustainable options in the UK.

Investing in long-term solutions to develop first-of-its kind sustainable packaging which is ideal for food delivery. The quality currently on the market is just not appropriate for all types of food, in particular hot liquids, so we're going to work with manufacturers to develop new items, maintaining quality while taking forward our environmental goals.

With this set of measures, we are helping restaurants to become more sustainable and enabling customers to make environmentally-conscious choices.

We're proud to be the very first food delivery platform in Ireland to take these steps to helping our environment!

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