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Inside the irresistible Cocu lunch menu

Feel good inside with the thoughtful and carefully constructed 'grab-and-go' menu of Dublin's delightful Cocu Kitchen, located around the city (you'll find it on Hatch, Baggot & Chatham Street) and available to order on Deliveroo. Utilising local and seasonal ingredients, it's the perfect antidote to fabricated calorie-counting restaurants and so-called nutritious alternatives. Cocu's menu has actually been assessed by Dublin-based dietitian Orla Walsh to ensure that no compromise has been made to balance delicious nourishing taste with a food selection that caters to all dietary needs.

Cocu has also become readily known for its famous 'build-your-own' lunch boxes, so we asked Head Chef Emilia Rowan to talk us through the yummy options available.

Creating your box

  • Choose from an array of mouth-watering lunch 'mains' including Middle Eastern Chicken, succulent Irish Beef flank, Baked Flaked Salmon and Slow Roasted Pork. Veggies and vegans are of course catered for with Super Salad, Marinated Tofu and Falafel options available also. Needless to say, it's all gluten free as well!

EMILIA: At Cocu, We only use free range Irish meat. The chicken we use is thigh meat as I think it has much more flavour than breast meat. We marinade the chicken in cumin, paprika, lemon juice and rapeseed oil, then char grill it. The dressings are all made from scratch in house every day. We portion them out for you to add to your salad, to give you the choice. The amount we serve with each is nutritionally assessed, we don't want to undo the goodness of your salad by smothering it in a dressing. Our most popular dressing is the peanut dressing, lots of our regulars chop and change with the dressings to keep it interesting.


Choosing Your Base

  • Add from an appetising selection of super-charged lunch box bases including Leafy Greens & Spinach, Brown Rice, Roasted Sweet Potato and Fresh Slaw.

EMILIA: As our dietician says, eat the rainbow. We have a good option of colourful veg to choose from. Choosing brown rice if you're hungry (the complex carbohydrates keeps you fuller for longer). The fresh slaw is so simple and tasty, no heavy mayonnaise anywhere near it. Just the red and white cabbage, beetroot tossed in fresh lemon juice and sesame oil. Our Sweet potato is roasted in rapeseed oil. We use cold pressed rapeseed oil in all our cooking and dressings, as it is Irish and has very low saturated fat.

Finish with a super sprinkle

  • Almost ready! But there's a final twist on the lunch boxes with a sprinkle of super seeds to add a delicate crunch of goodness. Choose from Toasted sesame & linseeds, mint & parsley or toasted almonds & cashews.

EMILIA: To really lift the salad, you choose your sprinkle. Healthy fats and crunch with the seeds and fresh herbs add another dimension.


And that's it. Simple and uncomplicated. You can also avail of similar signature Cocu Breakfast Pots with options including Homemade Beans, Smoked Salmon, Chorizo & Bacon and Avocado.

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