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Make the Perfect Eurovision Cocktails with GastroGays

Make the perfect Eurovision cocktails with GastroGays

This article originally appeared on Deliveroo IE. Read their recipes here.

Cancel your weekend plans! The camp, glittery spectacle of Eurovision is on. One of the must-see TV events of the year, Eurovision is the perfect night to invite the gang over, decorate your sitting-room in British bunting and have a rollicking fun night in!

The fabulous GastroGays have created some spectacular Eurovision-themed cocktails that combine a deep knowledge of the contest's history with an array of delicious liquors that you can all easily find right here on Deliveroo.

So who will win Eurovision 2017?

Self-proclaimed Eurovision fanatics, they give us their hot tips on this year's contest in Kiev. What about the United Kingdom's chances? "The UK have sent X-Factor alum Lucie Jones, if her staging, vocals and presence all align just right we could see the UK sitting inside the top ten on Saturday night – something that hasn't happened in almost 15 years! Otherwise, Italy has been a front-runner since they chose Francesco Gabbani as their act – there's a dancing ape on stage! It's fun, colourful and upbeat, so it will do very well! We particularly fancy dark horse potential in Estonia who have a strong contemporary pop duet. Also – host country Ukraine have a fantastic rock floor filler."

So grab your snacks, order in your booze, draw your sweepstakes and follow our easy how-to-guide on making these deliciously creative Eurovision-themed cocktails below.

The Wogan

GastroGays: "An ode to the Godfather of Eurovision Terry Wogan, who famously declared that in order to survive commentating he wouldn't allow himself drink before song nine of the night. Apparently this was his biggest advice for current commentator Graham Norton when he was asked, and while he may follow this rule you do not have to! This sweet, sharp and strong little sip is an ideal marrying of whiskey and amaretto.

In a cocktail shaker with some ice cubes add equal amounts of Teeling Irish whiskey and Amaretto, stir for around 20-30 seconds with a long cocktail spoon in one motion to mix and chill. Strain into a wide tumbler glass, pop in a sphere of ice (handy, inexpensive moulds available from Flying Tiger) and garnish with a fresh grapefruit peel. Sip slowly."



The Katrina

GastroGays: "There's nothing like winning and in Eurovision terms, that last means the amazing Katrina and the Waves twenty years ago with the sparkling ditty "Love Shine A Light"! Katrina herself will feature in this year's ceremony, watch out for her as she'll deliver the UK's points! For that sweet celebratory sip, only bubbles will do. This is an elegant little cocktail to toast, cheers and say cheers once a winner is crowned – especially if you've gotten them in the sweepstakes!

Add the sugar cube to the bottom of a tall flute and top up with La Jara Organic Prosecco, then flick the oils of the fresh lemon peel on the top of the glass and garnish. Drink in that moment of victory, or soothe your disappointment – up to you!"


De Forest

GastroGays: "Did you know you're more likely to win if you're barefoot and also that more performers wearing white have won more than any other colour? There might not be a scientific formula for winning but this is a truly winning cocktail, inspired by Denmark's Emmelie de Forest – the Only Teardrops winner in 2013. Floral, herbal and soft, this is an absolute cinch to make and will impress all your guests! Fun fact: Emmelie also co-wrote the UK's entry for Lucie Jones this year so we're hoping she can repeat that magic formula!

Chill a coupe glass for about 15 minutes in the fridge before assembling. Add the gin, grenadine syrup and a couple of torn rosemary leaves to a cocktail shaker and allow to sit until you make the cocktail. When ready, add the lemon juice and shake for 15 seconds, which is known as a dry shake, then add a generous handful of ice and shake vigorously for 20 further seconds – a 'wet' shake. Strain into the chilled glass and allow to sit for a second and separate into a pink underneath and a velvety foam top. Pluck a small, fresh rosemary sprig from a bunch and assemble three plump blueberries on a small cocktail stick, both for garnish. Align atop the glass as you wish and enjoy."


What's Another Beer?

GastroGays: "The original J.Lo, Johnny Logan, is one of the most successful Eurovision exports and Mr. Eurovision to whoever you're asking around the world as he's won it the most times. Inspired by the What's Another Year crooner, here's a Corona cocktail that's light, fruity and fun but still packs a winning punch with its Bulldog-style upturned bottle detail.

Add the rum and grapefruit juice to a cocktail glass with lots of ice and shake for 30 seconds to chill and combine. Strain into a large Boston glass and add in the fresh fruit slices. Now for the magic, open the bottle of Corona and immediately turn it upside down inside the glass (you might want to practice the first one over the sink or outside). Add in two straws, some crushed ice if you have it and sip away in front of the TV."


Mule Points

GastroGays: "No one likes to be at the bottom of the leaderboard, but we've all been there – however, none more so than Norway who has finished last with 'nul points' no less than 11 times! As finishing last can leave a sour taste, this icy little Mule is the perfect spicy and sweet drink to enjoy once the votes are coming thick and fast (or slow and thin, in this case..)

Add the vodka and lime juice to a chilled copper jug with chunky ice and stir to combine, top up with as much Crabbie's Ginger Beer as you need and finish with more ice, a slice of lime and some sprigs of mint. Sharp, spicy and very refreshing! Feel free to replace the vodka with something sweeter like Smirnoff Ice."


GastroGays are London-based food, travel and Eurovision bloggers Russell James Alford and Patrick Hanlon. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram as they live blog from the contest in Kiev this year!

Planning a big night in for the Grand Final? Read our guide to hosting a douze points-worthy Eurovision party. 

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