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Bobo's, the Dublin based burger bar, certainly doesn't beat around the bush when it comes to beef. This popular neighbourhood diner is a one-stop shop for anyone looking to sate even the biggest of appetites. Their gourmet burgers have become stuff of local legends, and their Dame Street restaurant has been known to have queues out the door most lunchtimes.

What's the lowdown on Bobo's?

They're all about big, bountiful burgers here. And we think their Humpty Dumpty burger represents what they do best. This beauty is loaded up with up with prime beef, Old Dubliner cheese, crispy bacon, slathered with caramelised onion, semi sun-dried tomatoes and topped off with a free-range egg.

If you're not in the mood for a burger – not a familiar feeling for us but we've heard it can happen – don't worry, Bobo's has got you covered. Their extensive range of chicken wings, with options from BBQ to Sweet Chilli, come in sharing sizes so the whole gang can get in on the fun. And for a little more substance, why not try their Wings on The Rock? Chunky chips topped with spicy chicken wings are served with a generous lashing of blue cheese sauce and enough celery to keep the guilt at bay.

The business of burgers

Since opening the first Bobo's on Wexford Street Dublin back in 2006, the team has expanded with two more locations across the capital, spreading their burger magic through the city.

Their unique selling point comes from their locally sourced ingredients. All of their beef burgers are 7oz patties made from top quality prime young heifer meat less than 20 months old. Their pork, chicken and fish patties also weigh in at a respectable 7oz. Regardless of what you order, you know you won't be hungry for hours after one of these wonders.

Big and beautiful buns

Even though they have a selection of sides larger than most mains, it's their burgers that have put them on the map. It's easy to understand why – Bobo's have put a twist on the classic recipe and provide a significant amount of satisfying variations.

Their delectable Fish Burger, a lightly battered cod fillet, topped with a generous amount of mushy peas and tangy tartar sauce comes complete with a side of chunky fries. Perfect for enjoying during the warmer summer months.

And the Portuguese burger is a must have for chicken lovers. Succulent free-range piri piri chicken, spicy jalapeno red pepper mayonnaise, iceberg lettuce, hot salsa, and crème fraiche make this poultry perfection in a bun. For a spiced masterpiece, The Moroccan is hard to beat too. Juicy lamb, cool cucumber riata, beetroot, beef tomato, red onion and iceberg lettuce are stacked on top of each other in this imaginative taste tower.

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